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WATCH: Dem Rep Insists Biden “Has One of the Best Minds”

In yet another wild defense of Joe Biden, Rep. Jim Clyburn, a Democrat, insisted that the president, ...View More

WATCH: Police Officer Fatally Shoots Suspect While Clinging for Dear Life on Fleeing Car

Recently, a police officer in Buffalo, New York, was forced to take drastic measures against a non-c ...View More

WATCH: Biden Advisors Reportedly Threatened to “Beat the Sh*t” Out of Anyone Who Questions Biden’s Health

In an utterly bizarre and shocking recent report on CNN, CNN reporter MJ Lee said, when speaking to  ...View More

WATCH: AOC Rages as Fellow “Squad” Member Loses Race

After what seemed like years of woke ascendancy in the wake of former President Barack Obama winning ...View More

WATCH: Navy Seal Sounds Off on FBI Official for Attacking Trump, Ignoring Biden’s Alleged Crimes

Resurfaced footage from last year shows Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ), a former Navy Seal, sounding off on t ...View More

“End of Quote”: Brandon Makes Another Embarrassing Teleprompter Gaffe [WATCH]

In a speech given durng the evening on July 1, the same day as the Supreme Court of the United State ...View More

“Joe Biden Does Not Get to Thwart Congress”: Missouri AG Sounds Off after Beating Biden in Court

After federal judges in two red states, Missouri and Kansas, decided to, on June 245, block the key  ...View More

Woke “Desperate Housewives” Star Bizarrely Attacks Hollywood as Not Being a “Liberal, Progressive Industry”

In a hilarious, jaw-dropper of a comment for those who are fed up with Hollywood’s woke movies and t ...View More

“Mr. Wonderful” Obliterates “Wasteland” California That’s “Not America Anymore” [WATCH]

“Shark Tank” star, entrepreneur, and investor Kevin O’Leary pulled no punches when sounding off on t ...View More

GOP Politicians Declare that Faith-Focused Voters Will “Decide This Election”

As the 2024 presidential race heats up, GOP politicians are aiming to swing it toward them by encour ...View More

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