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Biden Appoints Social Media Censorship Advocate To White House Digital Strategy Team

The Biden administration reinforces its ranks with what some reports see as yet more ardent censorsh ...View More

Meta’s Creepy Skin Deep “Security” Idea

While authentic videos coming out during this US campaign season show some of the leading actors pro ...View More

Social Media Facial Recognition Expands, Secret Law Enforcement Searches Double

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Clearview AI's mass facial recognition database continues to e ...View More

Watch: Democrats Downplay Influence of Major Advertising Alliance’s Demonetization Blacklists

During a recent House Judiciary Committee hearing, several Democrats characterized scrutiny of the G ...View More

Biden Admin Tries To Stop Anti-Censorship Injunction in Kennedy v. Biden Censorship Lawsuit

Judging by several legal actions taken recently – and the speed at which it reacts (a looming electi ...View More

Canada Allocates $146.6M for New Censorship Commission to Enforce Online Harms Act

Canada’s government has decided to spend some $146.6 million (CAD 200 million) and employ, full-time ...View More

EU Commission Urges Digital ID, E-Health Records, and Touts “Anti-Disinformation” Efforts in Digital Decade Report

Earlier this week the EU Commission (EC) published its second report on what it calls “the state of  ...View More

From Prosecutor to Censor: Barbara McQuade’s Call to Erode Free Speech

Barbara McQuade, who was in 2017 dismissed from her job as US Attorney for the Eastern District of M ...View More

Trump Media’s Move into Streaming World: Free Speech Meets Tech Expansion

The company behind Truth Social, President Donald Trump’s well-known social media platform, the Trum ...View More

Rise in Stolen Singaporean ID Data Shows The Dangers of Digital ID

A recent advisory published by the Resecurity cybersecurity vendor exposes a trend now developing on ...View More

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