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Biden Pushes Back as Peacemakers PostureThe News Cycle is almost impossible to track these days. At  ...View More

How Would You Go About Taking Down the Cabal?

It’s Not as Easy as One Might ThinkMany people think that the day Donald Trump was sworn into office ...View More

Q is Real, Because Math Says So

Time to Put an End to All DoubtGreetings Friends,I’m going to make a bold claim: the only way a pers ...View More

Operation Gladio - How It’s Funded

Where Did All the Mobsters and Mafia Go?

The Werewolf Game - Our Vast, Undiscovered History

An Exposure of Ancient, Worldwide EvilThis feature is a continuation of The Werewolf Game series, wh ...View More

Has Trump’s Whole Life Been a Sting Operation?

How Far Back Does the Plan Go?Photo by Darren Halstead via UnsplashIn my mind, I can picture Donald  ...View More

Operation Gladio - A Primer

What is Operation Gladio?Photo of German Prisoners in 1917 by The New York Public LibraryWhat if som ...View More

Why Did Q Stop Posting?

Was the 'Op' Doing More Bad Than Good?Photo by Alexander Andrews via UnplashNow, hear me out: I am n ...View More

The Werewolf Game - The Ancient Origin of Modern Conflict

In Which We Discover That the World Once Spoke One LanguageThis feature is a continuation of The Wer ...View More

The Maxwells, Mossad and a Digital Panopticon

How Israel Won the Digital Surveillance WarThis feature is a follow-up to ‘Our Greatest Ally.’It is  ...View More

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