Conservative Satire  

Lemming Flu pandemic – world braced for widespread brain atrophy

by Steve Cook It is well known that the world’s worst epidemics are those named after animals. T ...View More

USA vs. Canada: A Fair And Unbiased Comparison

Canada: it's that country up to the North. But is it any better than America? Let's take a look at a ...View More

Researchers Say They Are Now Over 60% Confident Ohio Exists

U.S. — Researchers reported this week that they are now over 60% confident Ohio exists."We've looked ...View More

'It's Not What It Looks Like!' Man Insists After Getting Caught Watching WNBA Game

DALLAS, TX — Sources at the Grady household reported this weekend that Bill Grady scrambled for an e ...View More

It’s the End of the World

Commentary/Satire by Bill the Butcher It’s the end of the world! Call in the dogs and pee on th ...View More

Local Teen Experiences Deep Solidarity With Persecuted Believers After Phone Battery Dies

ATLANTA, GA — A local teenager felt a profound connection with persecuted Christians worldwide today ...View More

9 Ways To Spot A Good Potential Future Spouse At Church

If you're cruising the pews for a husband or wife, there are some helpful tricks to spotting a great ...View More

'What Does OPS Stand For?' Wife Asks, Unaware She Has Just Doomed Herself To 75-Minute Primer On Advanced Baseball Statistics

GREENVILLE, UT — While her husband was watching a baseball game Sunday, local woman Hannah Wendell i ...View More

Woman Stirs Just Long Enough To Click 'I’m Still Watching' On Netflix

PAMPA, TX — Local woman Sydney Badeen stirred this evening after four hours of absolute stillness, j ...View More

Ladies: Here Are 9 Easy Ways To Comfort Your Man When His Favorite Sports Team Loses

Nothing can send an otherwise well-adjusted man into a sudden tailspin of depression quite like his  ...View More

Texas Children’s Hospital CEO Denies Wrongdoing

HOUSTON, TX — After a second whistleblower revealed evidence of Texas Children's Hospital illegally  ...View More

California Dad Warns Kid If He Doesn't Study Hard He'll End Up Homeless With Free Luxury Room And Vodka Shots

LOS ANGELES, CA — With the opening of a new opulent high-rise for the city's transient population, a ...View More

DOJ Opens New Tipline For Criminals To Report Whistleblowers

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Thursday that the DOJ has opened a bra ...View More

Catholics, Protestants Can't Wait Til The Left Is Defeated So They Can Get Back To Fighting Each Other

STEUBENVILLE, OH — Roman Catholics and Protestants across America released a joint statement that re ...View More

10 Commandments Democrats Have Approved For Display In Public Schools

In the wake of Louisiana's conflation of Church and State by mandating that the Ten Commandments be  ...View More

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