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When Overly Cautious Police Infringe on the Independence of Children

“Soooooo, it happened. The police were called because my 8 year old was riding her bike on our stree ...View More

A Tale of Two Horses; New York Sun Correspondent Recalls Kyiv’s Destroyed Children’s Hospital

Who looks better with the horse? President Putin in his stable, a few hours after his cruise mi ...View More

An Ode to the Moscow Times — as Kamala Harris, in Bid for Relevance, Snatches a Page of Putin’s Propaganda Playbook

Piercing the midsummer torpor this week is a pair of seemingly disparate but in reality dispiritingl ...View More

Can the First Amendment Protect Americans From Government Censorship?

Last week, in Murthy v. Missouri, the Supreme Court hammered home the distressing conclusion that, u ...View More

Joe Biden, at a Dead End, Faces Richard Nixon’s Choice

President Biden has come to the same dead end President Nixon arrived at half a century ago. His  ...View More

Urgency Grows To Drain the Swamp as Government Job Growth Outpaces Private Sector

The latest official employment report finds once again that the federal government and state-local h ...View More

France, the Morning After — a Reason for All the Cynicism

In the French general election’s second round, the right-wing National Rally and its smaller associa ...View More

Debate Exposes Biden’s Mental Decline, Once Concealed by the Liberal Press as ‘Misinformation’

Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame recently told CNN that people close to President Joe Biden — people ...View More

As France’s Islamo-Marxist Left Unites, Will Gallic Jews Back Marine Le Pen? 

Whom are French Jews to believe ahead of the general election’s second round, this coming Sunday? Th ...View More

Debt Danger: America Nears Point of No Return as Interest Costs Exceed Defense Spending 

America is full steam ahead into uncharted fiscal waters, with rapidly growing federal debt promisin ...View More

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