Column: Media Skipped the Democrat Who Ran Warning of Biden's Mental Decline

As the Democrats struggle among themselves over Biden’s declining mental state and his declini ...View More

MSNBC, Muslim ‘Comedian’ Claim Project 2025 Is ‘GOP’s Version of Mein Kampf’

On Tuesday night’s episode of MSNBC’s The ReidOut, host Joy Reid took another shot at the Supreme Co ...View More

Bozell on Stephanopoulos Interview of Biden: He Should NOT Be in Journalism Now

In an interview on "O'Connor & Co." airing on WMAL-FM in Washington, MRC founder and president B ...View More

Deranged Joy Reid Rambles About ‘King Trump’, Project 2025

Once again, MSNBC host Joy Reid is offering viewers proof evident that she has terminal Trump Derang ...View More

UNDER SIEGE: The Networks’ Slow Turn on Biden Continues

The Regime Media continue their slow turn against President Joe Biden. In manners of both style and  ...View More

NewsBusters Podcast: Reporters Admit They Stunk on Biden's Age Problem

CNN media reporter Hadas Gold found some less-than-courageous journalists to admit (anonymously) th ...View More

New York Times Whitewashes Violent LA Synagogue Attack by Pro-Hamas Thugs

News of the recent violent protest outside a Jewish synagogue in Los Angeles got a standard pro-Pal ...View More

NBC’s Kristen Welker Tries To Gotcha Doug Burgum On Lies...By LYING

NBC Meet the Depressed host Kristen Welker tried to put GOP vice presidential hopeful Gov. Doug Burg ...View More

Dem Congressman on Univision: ‘We’re Sticking With DADDY’

There’s been a great deal of serious discussion in the wake of President Joe Biden’s disastrous deba ...View More


As the night wore on, the mood got more dire at MSNBC. As different contributors weighed in, the mes ...View More

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