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Embracing the Power of Technology for Better Tenant Screening

The power of technology for tenant screening and real estate management Landlords have  ...View More

More than 550 hajj pilgrims die in Mecca as temperatures exceed 50C

At least 320 of the dead are from Egypt and Saudi officials report treating more than 2 ...View More

What should I major in college to work at NASA or SpaceX?

Best university majors to work at NASA or SpaceX These pages are all about space! Imagi ...View More

Doctors are ‘raising alarms’ over energy drinks linked to sudden heart attacks

We should expect a LOT of such articles to explain sudden adult death and turbo cancer, ...View More

Financially ‘gasping for air’: Nearly two-thirds of middle-class Americans say they are struggling

The Biden/Obama/Deep State are conducting a stealth scorched-earth policy with respect  ...View More

Three dead, seven wounded as mosque collapses in Lagos

Mosque collapses in Lagos Nigeria Three people have died and seven others were injured  ...View More

Cover up! Veterans can’t get aid for illnesses from secret base service due to lack of government acknowledgment

As the old drill Sargent used to say, “God may own your soul, but I own your ass.” – Yo ...View More

Collective memory manipulation! Nearly a decade of early Chinese internet content no longer exists

If nothing else this demonstrates the precariousness of storing our history digitally.  ...View More

NIH Dep. Director Lawrence Tabak Admits NIH Funded Gain-of-Function at Wuhan

Testimony contradicts Dr. Fauci’s fiery denials to Senator Rand Paul three years ago. T ...View More

HHS Suspends Funding of EcoHealth Alliance

Federal officials today suspended federal funding for the EcoHealth Alliance, possibly  ...View More

Space, the final Frontier! New report to Congress shows US determined to militarize space

Space war USA, Russia, China, India; BY Viesha Lewand LinkedIn Back in mid-February, th ...View More

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