The Expose  

Blair says “a little work of persuasion” is needed to implement “essential” digital IDs in the UK

War criminal, long-time member of the socialist Fabian Society and former UK prime minister Tony ...View More

15-minute cities, “quiet quitting” and Biden’s confusion problems

Has Joe Biden got Parkinson’s disease?  Why are 90% of British workers practising “quiet qu ...View More

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Clean water saved the world not vaccination

Vaccination didn’t save the world from diseases.  The real heroes, the technology that chan ...View More

Bill Gates backs startup to make fake butter from CO2; it could pave the way for food without farming

A Bill Gates-backed startup Savor says its synthetic “vegan” fat, made without livestock or the  ...View More

Is Sir Keir Starmer the World Economic Forum’s Prime Minister?

Kier Starmer was invited to and attended the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos earl ...View More

What is the real aim of so-called pro-Palestinian activists?

Iran’s Islamist dictatorship provides financial support to pro-Palestinian protests in several W ...View More

Countries are purchasing vaccines in preparation for a bird flu pandemic

Yesterday Nature published an article summarising what countries are doing to prepare for a bird ...View More

The Pyramid of Power: Big Tech’s ties to the intelligence community

The rise of large technology companies, such as Facebook and Google, is not a fairy tale of free ...View More

Routine childhood vaccines cause sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

There is ample evidence to show that routine childhood vaccines cause sudden infant death syndro ...View More

Passing observations: Gold, statins and EU control devices

Road calming devices cause damage to cars, make cars use more fuel and increase pollution. But t ...View More

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