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‘Russian Tactic’: Aide To Dem Megadonor Reportedly Suggested Trump Rally Shooting Might Have Been ‘Staged’

A top adviser to Democratic megadonor Reid Hoffman appeared to suggest in an email to various media  ...View More

Liberal Media Outlets Claim Trump Contributed To ‘Violent Rhetoric’ After Assassination Attempt

Some corporate and liberal media outlets insisted Sunday that former President Donald Trump contribu ...View More

‘Scary Times’: Donald Trump Jr Shares Intimate Update After Assassination Attempt

Donald Trump Jr. described the “scary” moments when he learned of the Saturday evening assassination ...View More

Biggest part of city’s budget went for housing people in roach-infested hotel

Topline: The single largest recipient of city money in Portland, Maine last year was a motel recentl ...View More

Elite are abandoning Joe Biden

Joe BidenThe New York Times op-ed dropped just minutes before President Biden headed for his motorca ...View More

WATCH: Joe Biden prime-time address on Trump assassination attempt

WATCH: Joe Biden prime-time address on Trump assassination attempt * WorldNetDaily * by WND St ...View More

Russia reacts to Trump assassination attempt pushing its own narrative

Russia took advantage of the assassination attempt on former U.S. President Donald Trump to attack A ...View More

Former fire chief who died at Trump rally used his body to shield family from gunfire

Buffalo Township, Pennsylvania —  The former fire chief who was killed at a Pennsylvania rally  ...View More

American volunteer's urge to help Ukraine rooted in family's struggle

Rima Ziuraitis, an American of Lithuanian descent, has been teaching basic first aid to military per ...View More

A Prayer For Donald Trump

Lord, who grants salvation to kings and dominion to rulers, whose kingdom spans all eternities, Who  ...View More

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