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There’s A Charlottesville Every Week, And Most Democrats Are Fine With It

A few days ago, Snopes, a left-wing “fact checking” site, finally admitted that Donald Trump had nev ...View More

Republicans Keep Losing Because They’re Reactive, Not Proactive

The left is already working to sabotage President Trump’s next administration. From stockpiling abor ...View More

Alvin Bragg ❤️s Antisemitic Rioters

Those tiki torch Nazis should have their next shindig on the Upper West Side. They’d certainly be we ...View More

If Trump Wants To Win, He Should Run With J.D. Vance

Jan. 20, 2025, will mark the first day of the most important four years of our lifetimes. That’s the ...View More

It’s Past Time For American Jews To Abandon The Democrat Party

This past week I listened to a podcast in which Bari Weiss, the former New York Times reporter, was  ...View More

A Democrat’s Ultimate Free Pass: ‘Especially Black And Brown People’

Word got around that if you’re a Democrat, especially a black or brown one, the surefire way to evad ...View More

15 Times 2024 Was Orwell’s 1984

The novel 1984 is author George Orwell’s cautionary tale of a future totalitarian government that us ...View More

San Francisco’s London Breed Thinks The Mayor’s Top Job Is Naming Drag Queens

San Francisco’s dramatic decline makes a lot more sense after Monday night’s mayoral debate revealed ...View More

Comedian Larry Wilmore Tells Bill Maher That Biden’s Morehouse Speech Was ‘Condescending’

Leftist comedian Larry Wilmore, who is black, said in an interview with Bill Maher that Joe Biden’s  ...View More

Stop Trying To Convince Me Joe Biden Isn’t A Confused, Doddering Old Man

Listen, I’d support a zombie for president if they promised to nominate originalists for the Supreme ...View More

Jillian Michaels Trashes Far-Left California Governance To Explain Move To Florida

Celebrity fitness guru Jillian Michaels slammed California as having “got way too crazy for me” when ...View More

Indiana Republicans Snub The Establishment In Lieutenant Governor Race

In a stunning turn of events at the 2024 Indiana GOP Convention, Micah Beckwith, a pastor from Noble ...View More

Why The Left Hates It When You Point Out We’re ‘A Republic, Not A Democracy’

For as long as I can remember, the left has been sneering at anyone who points out that the United S ...View More

This Liberal Academic Wants Christians To Leave Politics To Leftists

Liberals don’t know how to fix our broken politics and degraded culture, they just know they don’t w ...View More

Wisconsin GOP Chairman Voices Concerns About Convention Amid Trump Derangement Syndrome

It’s just 31 days until the opening of the Republican Party’s 2024 national convention in downtown M ...View More

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