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Newsweek's Misleading Headline on GoFundMe for Families of Shooting Victims Is PROOF Media Are GARBAGE

Today we learned the man who was killed at the Trump rally in Butler, PA is former fire chief Corey  ...View More

You Don't Despise the Media Enough: Denver Post WRECKED for Headline on Trump Assassination

We already told you about Forbes, and it's absolutely racist take on the attempted assassination of  ...View More

Racist Much? Forbes Asks If Surviving Gunfire Makes Trump Appeal to Black Voters (Then Tries Deleting It)

This writer sure picked a bad time to go on vacation, what with all the breaking news surrounding th ...View More

Axios Reports Attempted Assassination of Trump Could Reinvigorate the Biden Presidency

As you know, there was an attempted assassination of Donald Trump yesterday that left the Republican ...View More

UNREAL: CBS News Host Noticed Trump Didn't Try to Lower Political Temp After Assassination Attempt

As everybody knows, there was an attempt to assassinate Donald Trump during his rally in Pennsylvani ...View More

Big Boy Press Conference Showed Biden Is a Master of Foreign Policy

As Twitchy reported, someone tried to assassinate Donald Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturda ...View More

Black Woman With Fewer Constitutional Rights Refuses to Live Under Trump Reign

We love the Biden-Harris HQ account, which promises "Just the facts, Jack." It's the official rapid  ...View More

Joy Reid: It's Okay Biden Mixed Up Names, Cause She Does It Too (WATCH)

After her absolute meltdown about 'rich, white' Democrats trying to oust Biden (himself a rich white ...View More

WHCA President Says Press Doesn't Coordinate With WH (People Have Questions and Pics)

Yesterday President Biden kicked off his first "big boy" press conference in a long time in the most ...View More

ABC News: Democrat Congressman Says Biden 'Seemed Altered' at Juneteenth Event

Strangely, people are coming forward now and saying they saw signs of President Joe Biden's mind sli ...View More

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