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Bernie: Buck Up Bedwetters, Back Biden

This may be the best development yet for Joe Biden. It might also be the best development yet for Do ...View More

Too Good to Check: Biden Staffers Threatening to Knock the Snot Out of Leakers

This is the sort of happy headline you see that makes you spit at your screen in stunned disbelief w ...View More

Just How Bad Was the AT&T Hack?

The short answer is... pretty bad. According to AT&T, the phone records of virtually every custo ...View More


A few thoughts at the end of a very trying day — a day when a former president nearly got assassinat ...View More

What We Know So Far About the Peaceful But Fiery Assassination Attempt on Trump Today

First, I want to say what a MIRACLE - praise Jesus.Second, I want to offer our condolences to the po ...View More

Did Someone Just Try to Assassinate Donald Trump?

If you thought this election was already going off the rails, apparently we haven't seen anything ye ...View More

Destructive Ideas

        Joe Biden and Donald Trump fight about everything.      & ...View More

'It's Over': Dem Panic Over 2024 Curdles Into Despair

How do I know that the reports over Democrat despair are credible? This one comes from Politico, but ...View More

Does Trump Face Legal Risks Just for Attending the Convention?

The title question is one being asked by Politico this week. The Republican National Convention in M ...View More

I Should HATE This, But I Don't

Everything about this story should infuriate me. Sexism and DEI, liberals behaving badly, and specia ...View More

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