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Biden border ‘bloodbath’ prompts Republicans to change immigration platform

Republicans have hardened their official policies on border security and immigration& ...View More

GOP subpoenas Mayorkas over terrorists arrested at southern border

House lawmakers have taken legal action against the Biden administration and subpoenaed Homeland Sec ...View More

Jocelyn Nungaray’s mother says Cruz immigration bill would have stopped child’s murder

The mother of murder victim Jocelyn Nungaray said her 12-year-old daughter would still be alive if a ...View More

State Department offers $12 million reward for leaders of Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua

The Biden administration is offering a hefty $12 million reward for information on the leaders of th ...View More

Biden HHS released migrant children to sponsor with MS-13 ties: Documents

The Biden administration knowingly released two unaccompanied migrant children at the border to live ...View More

Texas temporarily removes barbed wire on border

Texas soldiers have temporarily taken down a portion of barbed wire that was installed to keep immi ...View More

Biden grants TPS to Yemen, protecting illegal immigrants in US from deportation

The Biden administration will protect up to 2,300 citizens of Yemen who are living illegally in ...View More

What caused the Biden-era illegal immigration spike?

Tulsa, Oklahoma, police recently arrested a thrice-deported Salvadoran illegal immigrant for the rap ...View More

Biden has admitted more than 5 million illegal immigrants: Congressional report

EXCLUSIVE — The Biden administration has admitted well over 5 million immigrants into the United Sta ...View More

New York City pours more cash into migrant crisis with expanded debit card program

New York City is expected to distribute debit cards for food and baby items to more than 7,300 migra ...View More

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