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VP Harris Presides Over Senate Chamber Because She’s Got Nothing Else To Do

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) Vice President Kamala Harris dropped in the Senate to preside over its proceeding ...View More

Maxine Waters Reacts After House Committee Witness Calls Her ‘Sweetest Member Of Congress’

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) Rep. Maxine Watters (D-Calif.) reacted strongly after a House committee witness c ...View More

Biden Signs Executive Order Directing His Campaign To Hire Trump’s Campaign Managers

(The White House) President Biden has signed an executive order directing his campaign team to go ou ...View More

VP Harris Makes Biden Call Hubby To Tell Him She’s Working Late Again

(Washington, D.C.) Vice President Kamala Harris once again asked President Biden to call Second Husb ...View More

Ukraine’s Zelensky Inks Deal With Biden To Give Back All Military Equipment Russia Doesn’t Destroy

(Washington, D.C.) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky agreed to President Biden’s terms that he  ...View More

VP Harris, Second Husband Emhoff SO Busted After Taking Air Force One On Joyride

(Andrews Air Force Base, Md.) Vice President Kamala Harris and Second Husband Doug Emhoff were buste ...View More

Secretary of State Blinken Steps In, Shows Biden Where to Make Crayon Mark On Treaty

(Washington, D.C.) Secretary of State Antony Blinken came to the rescue of his boss this week when h ...View More

Manhattan DA Bragg Objects When Judge Tells Jury Trump Should Get ‘A Fair Trial’

(New York City, N.Y.) Manhattan District Alvin Bragg strenuously objected this week after Judge Juan ...View More

Joe Biden Claims Presidential Immunity From $1 Million Fine After Returning Library Book 65 Years Late

(Scranton, PA.) President Joe Biden invoked immunity when he showed up at a local library in his hom ...View More

First Lady Jill Biden Waves At Joe From Air Force One As She Takes Over Presidency

(Andrews Air Force Base, Md.) First Lady Jill Biden could be seen waving goodbye to her husband, Joe ...View More

Chris Christie Recalls Time He ‘Just Couldn’t Eat’ The Last White Castle

(Hoboken, N.J.) Former GOP presidential candidate and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spoke passionat ...View More

Adam Schiff Says Republican Lawmaker Taking Last Cob Salad During Lunch Break ‘Work Of Russia’

(Washington, D.C.) Rep. Adam Schiff claimed after a Republican lawmaker took the last cob salad at l ...View More

Missouri Dem Cori Bush Rethinking ‘Claw’ Fingernails After Stabbing Self In Eye

(St. Louis, Mo.) Rep. Cori Bush said she’s giving serious thought to ditching her claw-like fingerna ...View More

Study Finds Silhouette Photos of Couples Kissing With Sun In Background Are 10 Times Sexier

(South Venice, Fla.) A new study has found that silhouetting couples while they are kissing with the ...View More

Cynical Woman Fairly Certain Guy She Caught Staring At Her ‘Only Wants One Thing’

(Bangor, Maine) A cynical Gen Z woman remarked this week after she caught a “cute guy” looking her o ...View More

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