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New app uses AI to dumb down, whitewash classic books

It’s McLiterature. A newly-launched iPhone and iPad artificial intelligence app is abbreviating i ...View More

Shadowy ad cartel that targeted conservative news outlets faces at least 2 possible state Republican AG probes

At least two Republican state attorneys general are weighing possible legal action against members o ...View More

Video game billionaire Mark Pincus calls for Biden to bow out as Dem donor support dwindles

Billionaire Mark Pincus — the founder and former CEO of video game giant Zynga — is the latest major ...View More

Apple Watch reportedly to have larger screen, other upgrades in Series 10 models

Apple is poised to incorporate a larger screen size and some other upgrades when the tech gia ...View More

New hope for IVF patients? How cutting-edge tech may make it easier to get pregnant

Researchers say they have developed a 3D imaging model of early-stage embryos that may make it  ...View More

Tesla, shareholder clash over $7B legal fee request in Elon Musk pay case

Legal teams for Tesla and a shareholder clashed in court on Monday over the value of a lawsuit that  ...View More

Waka Flocka Flame disses Biden, tells supporters he’ll see them at ‘the bingo game!’

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame trolled President Biden supporters at a concert this week — telling them to ...View More

Peter Thiel-backed ‘Olympics on steroids’ looks to raise $300M

The Peter Thiel-backed company that plans to stage an Olympics-style event in which athletes are enc ...View More

I lost 30 pounds in a year — these 3 things were key to my success

He found a way to Excel in his weight loss journey. Michael Hicks, a senior editor at Android Cen ...View More

Mark Zuckerberg dons tux in July 4 surfing video while holding beer and US flag

It’s Mark Zuckerberg’s world and we’re all just living in it. The billionaire Facebook founder po ...View More

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