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There’s a Plan To Steal The 2024 Election: Will God Intervene?

The America we know hangs by a frayed thread attached to a pendulum of moral and biblical  ...View More

Paul: Stop Taxing Tips

Donald Trump recently promised that, if he wins the November election, he will support eli ...View More

Why June 27 Will Be Another ‘Night of the Long Knives’

I believe Barack Obama has scheduled his faithful Avatar Joe Biden for political (not ...View More

Biden’s Veterans Administration Dumps American Flag for Gay Pride Flag

As Joe Biden’s corrupt Veterans Administration moves to eliminate the U.S. flag and replac ...View More

Explosive study removed by Lancet, now public: 74% of deaths directly tied to COVID jab

Despite all of the years-long, explosive evidence to the contrary, the criminals/profiteer ...View More

Pfizer CEO: COVID Was Just A Test… “A Rehearsal” For Something Bigger Yet To Come

(Natural News) When Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said that COVID-19 was just a test, it pretty ...View More

Treason: Socialism Now Openly Taught to US Military (Video)

The Biden regime has worked to oust a lot of honorable men and women in the US military.&n ...View More

Watch: Biden Regime Admits REAL Immigration Motives On Hidden Video

If you wondered whether there was a coordinated strategy for pushing this illegal immigrat ...View More

Biden’s Open Border Allows One New Migrant for Every 3 U.S. Newborns

Joe Biden’s wide-open border policies are now allowing one new immigrant for ever three bi ...View More

Reporter Suggests Watching Biden For ‘Physical Performance’

A CBS reporter who was talking about the coming debate between Joe Biden and President Don ...View More

‘Protective Order’ Finally Canceled Against Street Preacher

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has abandoned a five-year protective order that was issued agai ...View More

Hollywood Now Claims Racism … Causes CANCER! (Video)

If you get your health information from television writers who work on “woke” programming  ...View More

Biden’s Green Energy Fraud- Lava Ridge (Part II)

Are the Biden administration’s statistics on wind turbines fraudulent? According to wildli ...View More

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