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Rape Attack On Child Blamed On Biden

The father of a 13-year-old girl who claims that an illegal immigrant sexually assaulted her in a pa ...View More

ISIS In America – GOP Grills Team Biden On Threat

The Homeland Security Committee of the House of Representatives is exerting pressure on Secretary Al ...View More

Black Residents To Get A Big Check

Now that he has resolved every other issue plaguing the Windy City, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is ...View More

ICE Leaks Reveal Total Anarchy – Will Biden Cover This Up?

Numerous polls conducted during this election year indicate that Americans rank immigration as the t ...View More

Conservatives Blocked From Defending Themselves

The radical transvestite who killed three kids and three adults in a Nashville Christian school last ...View More

Elon Musk Rushes To Save 2024 – His Plan Might Work!

Successful businessman Elon Musk has declared his preference for paper ballots over electronic voti ...View More

Biden Meltdown Forces Obama To Intervene

While raising funds in downtown Los Angeles, President Joe Biden managed to spark concerns about his ...View More

Trump Ruling: Insiders Predict Harsh Punishment

According to former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, the former president will serve “many years in priso ...View More

Biden DOJ Laughs Off Contempt Charges

A document from President Biden’s DOJ this week stated that AG Garland is immune from prosecution du ...View More

Team Biden Scorched! They Can’t Hide Anymore

This week, the House of Representatives decided to find Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt ...View More

Federal Judge Overrules DeSantis – Florida Kids Now Fair Game!

A federal judge invalidated portions of a Florida statute this week that limited the provision of “g ...View More

Deep-State Prepares Final Attack On Dissidents

Yesterday, the mysterious Ukrainian NGO “” listed Glenn Beck and Blaze Media as enemies of  ...View More

Republicans Betray America In The Worst Way Possible

House Republicans sponsor a funding measure that includes billionaires for mass migration, which the ...View More

Breaking: Biden Crimes Report Incoming

Representative James Comer (R-KY) expects a report detailing criminal charges against President Joe ...View More

Biden Allies Desperate – They NEED Young People Back

To increase President Joe Biden’s popularity among younger voters, his aides have established a new  ...View More

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