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Democrat Strategists Say the 'Presidential Contest Ended’ After Assassination Attempt

Stick a fork in Joe Biden. He's done.After the recent turmoil his party went through after the debat ...View More

Man Predicted Trump's Assassination Attempt With Incredible Detail... Months Ago

This might just be the craziest thing you'll see today.Video of a man who saw a premonition of the a ...View More

Love and Empathy: Melania Trump’s Post-Shooting Plea

After a “monster” shot Donald Trump and killed an attendee at a Saturday rally in a failed assassina ...View More

Don't Worry if You Missed FBI Presser on Trump Assassination Attempt. You Didn't Miss a Thing.

"The Secret Service is really the one to answer that question," said a Pennsylvania police official  ...View More

Trump's 2024 Election Message in One Image

Today, we're wondering if Thomas Matthew Crooks, the man who took a shot at former President Donald  ...View More

FLASHBACK: When Democrats Tried to Deny Trump Secret Service Protection

Mere days before the assassination attempt against Donald Trump, President Biden used violent rhetor ...View More

Gallup: Sharp Increase in the Number of Americans Wanting Less Immigration

For the first time since 2001, a majority of Americans favor less immigration. Last year, 41% of Ame ...View More

‘Agatha Christie Indult’ 2.0: UK Celebs Ask Pope to Preserve Latin Mass

Decades after Agatha Christie and other prominent Brits begged the Pope to preserve the Latin Mass a ...View More

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, One of the Most Remarkable Women in History, Dead at 96

Ruth Westheimer, "Dr. Ruth" to tens of millions of people around the world, died at her home in New  ...View More

Alec Baldwin Is a Free Man

Actor Alec Baldwin, who was on trial for the shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, is a ...View More

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