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Senate votes to pass House's stopgap funding bill, averting government shutdown

The Senate voted to pass the House's stopgap funding bill on Saturday night by a vote of 88 to 9, av ...View More

Colorado Democrat Sen. Bennet is holding up final vote on stopgap bill over Ukraine aid, report

Colorado Democrat Sen. Michael Bennet is reportedly holding up the final vote on the House stopgap b ...View More

House passes bill to keep government open for 45 days, headed to Senate

The House passed a 45-day stopgap measure Saturday afternoon, according to multiple reports. The Hou ...View More

New York GOP lawmaker announces she will introduce resolution to expel Bowman over fire alarm stunt

New York GOP Rep. Nicole Malliotakis announced Saturday that she would be introducing legislation to ...View More

MTG and other GOP Reps call on DOJ to prosecute Bowman with law used to prosecute J6 defendants

Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called on the Department of Justice Saturday to prosecute De ...View More

New York Democrat under investigation for pulling fire alarm during votes

New York Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman is under investigation for pulling the fire alarm Saturday duri ...View More

Special Counsel Jack Smith uses Trump’s appearance at gun store as a reason for gag order

Special counsel Jack Smith has called on the judge to install a gag order against former President T ...View More

Bill Maher blasts New York Times hit piece on DeSantis, calling it 'despicable'

Florida GOP Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis joined HBO's “Real Time” host Bill Mahe ...View More

House GOP is expected to vote soon on a clean stopgap funding bill

The House is expected to vote Saturday on a 45 day “clean” stopgap funding bill which will include m ...View More

Parts of Maryland public carry gun ban blocked by federal judge

A preliminary injunction issued by a federal judge on Friday will block certain parts of a new  ...View More

Ex-Loudoun County superintendent found guilty of crime rooted in a cover-up of a sexual assault

Ex-Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler was found guilty by a jury on Friday f ...View More

AWOL mystery: Democrat leaders departed Arizona during Biden visit, leaving Republican in charge

Arizona’s top Democratic leadership left the state while President Joe Biden stopped by for a visit, ...View More

Energy Crunch: Biden proposal would mean fewest offshore oil drilling leases in US history

The Biden administration laid out its offshore oil and gas leasing program for the next five years o ...View More

UAW asks 7,000 more members to join strike

In its third week on strike, United Auto Worker Union President Shawn Fain called on an additional 7 ...View More

With control of Legislature at stake, Virginia voters evenly split heading into November election

A recent poll shows Virginians are evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats heading into the ...View More

Blood supplies at dangerously low levels nationwide, groups say

The U.S. is experiencing a blood supply emergency. The emergency exists in Illinois and elsewhere ac ...View More

Report gives Florida nation's best overall grade for education freedom

After a legislative session where Florida lawmakers passed universal school choice, the state was re ...View More

Rhode Island pursues new offshore wind project

Rhode Island’s largest utility will seek another proposal for offshore wind power two months after r ...View More

Lawmakers to return Saturday just hours before partial government shutdown.

House lawmakers are expected to return to Capitol Hill Saturday with no spending measure yet agreed  ...View More

Federal agencies brace for shutdown after House fails to pass spending bill with one day to go

Federal government agencies are bracing for a partial government shutdown after the Republican- ...View More

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