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NATO Summit Concludes with Clunky Biden Press Conference

Happy Friday! The Killers stopped their concert at London’s O2 arena on Wednesday to show the end of ...View More

‘Why Do They Attack Children?’

KYIV—Nikita, 19, had just started his workday in a downtown Kyiv garage when he was thrown to the gr ...View More

French Snap Election Sows Confusion

Happy Tuesday! Late last month, an Excalibur-like sword went missing from a rock wall in the village ...View More

Ukraine Begins Talks to Join European Union

The negotiations come as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is making a diplomatic push for inte ...View More

The Muslim Soldiers Fighting for Israel

The Arabic-speaking Bedouins make up a key unit of the Israeli military fighting against Hamas.

The Hezbollah Time Bomb Is Ticking

Let’s not mince words: The Middle East is on the precipice of the most destructive war of the region ...View More

In Ukraine, ‘We Know Why We Fight’

KHARKIV OBLAST, Ukraine—An old green Soviet Lada, speeding, skids on a dirt road. Behind the car, th ...View More

America’s New Nuclear Deterrence Era

In a speech earlier this month, senior National Security Council official Pranay Vaddi acknowledged  ...View More

World Leaders Convene in Italy for G7 Summit

Happy Monday! And a belated happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there—we hope your (new favorite) ...View More

‘The Story You’re Not Supposed to Cover’

TEL AVIV, Israel—An Israeli incursion into the central Gazan refugee camp of Nuseirat earlier this m ...View More

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