ABC News Dares Not Speak The Ethnicity of Would-Be Central Park Rapist

What is it with ABC News personnel not being able to offer ethnic descriptors of suspected sexual pr ...View More

FAIL: Maddow Tries To Make Fun of MMA, Botches Dunk On Trump

Seldom does a segment on cable television provide one with such glaring, blazing, in-your-face proof ...View More

NewsBusters Podcast: CNN's Profane Malice Erupts on Jake Tapper's Show

Nick Fondacaro broke a story on how debate moderate Jake Tapper's show aired a nasty hit piece that ...View More

‘THANKS, BUT’: Jorge Ramos WHINES About Insufficiency of Biden's Latest Amnesty

In his most recent opinion column, Univision anchor and Special Advisor to the CEO Jorge Ramos compl ...View More

NBC’s Peter Alexander Frets Biden Achievements Still Unknown To Voters

Peter Alexander had a banner day while guest-hosting NBC’s Meet the Depressed. First, he recited a s ...View More

On PBS Roundtable, ABC's Jon Karl Claims Trump Is Losing It, Getting 'Fuzzier'

The latest edition of the Washington Week with The Atlantic weekly political roundtable tried to ch ...View More

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: GOP Convention Can Be Seen as 'Looming Threat' to Minorities

Hostile media treatment of the Republican convention in July isn't just national, but local. It's ru ...View More

PBS Fawns Over Dr. ‘I Am the Science’ Fauci, Ignores the Big Covid Controversies

In a two-part interview airing Tuesday and Wednesday, the PBS News Hour nterviewed controversial CO ...View More

CNN Host Abby Phillip Pushes Ben Carson on 10 Commandments, Will NOT Debate Pride Month

Dr. Ben Carson appeared on CNN's Late Night with Abby Philip to discuss Louisiana putting the Ten C ...View More

Jeff Bezos Bought The Washington Post, But The Left Won't Allow Him To Run It

Here's a bit of useful history. In 1933, the then-bankrupt Washington Post was purchased b ...View More

AGAIN? Another Collective of Soros-Funded Groups Pressures Big Tech for Election Censorship

Yet another coalition of groups financed by radical leftist billionaire George Soros is insisting th ...View More

CNN Targets Trump-Allied Christian School in Attack on School Choice

On Friday morning, CNN News Central investigated the Arizona school system and how it has been  ...View More

NewsBusters Podcast: Joy Reid Hates Louisiana Over the 10 Commandments

On The Reidout (aka The Freakout), Joy Reid ripped into Louisiana for requiring the posting of the  ...View More

The View: Biden Needs to Show ‘Vitality’ at Debate, Trump Must Be Sane

On Friday, ABC’s The View shared their expectations for the upcoming presidential debate between Pre ...View More

Help Me, Bob Iger. You’re My Only Hope.

On Oct. 30, 2012, Disney acquired Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion and, with it, “Star Wars.” Since then, ...View More

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