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Down goes antimatter! Gravity's effect on matter's elusive twin is revealed

If you dropped antimatter, would it fall down or up? In a unique laboratory experiment, researchers  ...View More

How to save plants from climate change? Just ask them

Redwoods and oaks that thrive on California's coastline and coastal mountains might soon start findi ...View More

A close-up of biological nanomachines: Researchers take a deep look at peroxisomal processes

Every system has its waste disposal system. The cell organelles known as "peroxisomes" dispose toxic ...View More

Investigating the role of greener plastics for Japan's carbon neutral goals

Japan has a plastic problem. Thanks in part to an overabundance of packaging, the country is the sec ...View More

Unleashing the power of AI to track animal behavior

Movement offers a window into how the brain operates and controls the body. From clipboard-and-pen o ...View More

New insect genus discovered in one of the most biodiverse rain forest regions in the world

The Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve in Peru has often been described as the most biodiverse rain ...View More

Decreasing biodiversity may promote spread of viruses

How are environmental changes, loss of biodiversity, and the spread of pathogens connected? The answ ...View More

Exploring the effect of water on seismic wave attenuation in the upper mantle

The oceanic lithosphere, which constitutes the top layer including Earth's crust and mantle below th ...View More

One-hour training is all you need to control a third robotic arm, study finds

One-hour training is enough for people to carry a task alone with their supernumerary robotic arms a ...View More

Increasing steps by 3,000 per day can lower blood pressure in older adults, study finds

An estimated 80% of older adults in the U.S. have high blood pressure. Maintaining healthy blood pre ...View More

Study sheds new light on strange lava worlds

Lava worlds, massive exoplanets home to sparkling skies and roiling volcanic seas called magma ocean ...View More

Scientists reveal what fuels wildfires in Sierra Nevada Mountains

Wildfires in California, exacerbated by human-driven climate change, are getting more severe. To bet ...View More

New insights into the atmosphere and star of an exoplanet

Astronomers led by a team at Université de Montréal has made important progress in understanding the ...View More

Caribbean parrots thought to be endemic are actually relicts of millennial-scale extinction

In a new study published in PNAS, researchers have extracted the first ancient DNA from Caribbean pa ...View More

New method can improve assessing genetic risks for non-white populations

A team led by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the National Cancer ...View More

Wearable devices show who may need more help managing diabetes

A new Dartmouth study in the journal Science Advances suggests that how well people with diabetes ma ...View More

Light and sound waves reveal negative pressure

Negative pressure is a rare and challenging-to-detect phenomenon in physics. Using liquid-filled opt ...View More

New qubit circuit enables quantum operations with higher accuracy

In the future, quantum computers may be able to solve problems that are far too complex for today's  ...View More

How a small strand of RNA is key to fighting cancer

A team of researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst has shown that a single, small stra ...View More

Glaciers becoming smaller and disappearing

The Western United States is losing its glaciers. A new inventory from Portland State University res ...View More

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