New American (National)  

Biden to Allow Three Times More Refugees From Latin America, Caribbean

Lalocracio/iStock/Getty Images Plus Even while Democratic politicians in  ...View More

Have Media Found Their Greta Thunberg of “Gender” Madness?

YouTube Hadi Rahim “No, we’re not being ‘indoctrinated,’” says one Hadi Ra ...View More

GOP Megadonors Pray Youngkin Will Be Their Anti-Trump Savior

AP Images Glenn Youngkin As Donald Trump maintains a commanding lead in th ...View More

IRS Not Exempt From Impending Shutdown

Alpha Photo/flickr The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) updated its conting ...View More

Felled Statues Are the Canary in the Coal Mine — and That Bird Must Rise Again

AP Images Portland's statue of Abraham Lincoln The statues felled by cultu ...View More

Will This Funding Crisis End Differently? 

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 56:32 — 52.6MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Androi ...View More

“This Is Insane” — Elon Musk Visits the Southern Border

Elon Musk/X Elon Musk at the border at Eagle Pass, Texas The Biden adminis ...View More

Artist Who Submitted Empty Canvases Appeals Court Order to Return Cash

piranka/iStock/Getty Images Plus A legal struggle between a creator of mo ...View More

Democrats Fear “Bidenomics” Campaign Is Falling flat

fizkes/iStock/Getty Images Plus Despite the present administration’s best ...View More

US Meat Supply May Soon Have mRNA “Vaccines”

a_namenko/iStock/Getty Images Plus Food sources such as shrimp, pork, and ...View More

Trump Tells Autoworkers Their Real Problem Is Biden’s Green Policies 

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 57:52 — 53.8MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Androi ...View More

FTC’s Amazon Lawsuit Could Radically Shake Up Online Commerce

Christian Wiedeger/Unsplash An antitrust lawsuit filed by the federal gov ...View More

Gen Z Too Intolerant to Work With People With Different Views, Says Brit TV Head

bsd555/iStock/Getty Images Plus “Each new generation born is in effect an ...View More

Covid Turned the Medical Freedom Movement Into a Highly Funded Force

doble-d/iStock/Getty Images Plus For years, the medical freedom movement, ...View More

Bombshell Documents Prove the Bidens Sold Out America To China for Money

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 24:50 — 23.0MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Androi ...View More

St. George Tucker’s Unsung Role in the Siege of Yorktown

St. George Tucker Neglect of the principles of the constitution by the p ...View More

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