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Atheists Seething as Huge International Soccer Tournament Kicks Off with Sermonette and Prayer in Jesus' Name

After dominating public discourse for decades, atheists have begun to shriek as the lie of secularis ...View More

Crowd Goes Wild as Foo Fighters Frontman Dave Grohl Appears to Take a Shot at Taylor Swift

Musician Dave Grohl, the frontman of the rock band Foo Fighters, appeared to take a shot at pop star ...View More

22 Workers Killed After Single Malfunctioning Lithium Battery Sets Off Disastrous Chain Reaction

A fire at a lithium battery factory has claimed at least 22 lives. The fire at the South Korean fact ...View More

Buckingham Palace Announces Princess Is Hospitalized with a Concussion After 'Incident'

Princess Anne sustained minor injuries and a concussion following an incident on an estate in southw ...View More

Hundreds of Muslims Die During Traditional Mass Pilgrimage to Mecca

More than 550 Muslims died during the Hajj — a ritual pilgrimage to Mecca. At least 323 of the casua ...View More

US Carrier Strike Group Arrives in Pacific Destination as Major Show of Force

A nuclear-powered U.S. aircraft carrier arrived Saturday in South Korea for a three-way exercise inv ...View More

Anti-Oil Activist Who Targeted Stonehenge Reveals American Tourists' Brutal Chant During His Stunt

One of the Just Stop Oil protesters who vandalized Stonehenge on Wednesday said that American males  ...View More

American Olympians to Ignore Paris Climate Plans, Bring Own AC Units: 'Critical for Team USA's Performance'

EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — The U.S. Olympic team is one of a handful that will supply air conditioners for  ...View More

Bible Doubters Shaken to the Core After Stunning Find in the Israeli Desert

A minor narrative in the Bible is rocketing to the forefront of the modern world’s mind after a stun ...View More

Climate Agitators Breach Airport, Target Taylor Swift's Private Jet

Radical climate activists said they vandalized pop star Taylor Swift’s private jet and other aircraf ...View More

Watch: Climate Protesters Deface Stonehenge as Tourist Desperately Tries to Stop Them

Radical climate change protesters with a group calling for an end to the use of oil, gas, and coal d ...View More

Locals See Body Floating in a Pond, Police Sent to Retrieve a Corpse Make Shocking Find Instead

Police that were sent to retrieve a corpse instead found the body alive and well, as they dragged a  ...View More

Armed Guards Stand Dumbfounded as Strange Small Boat Zooms Toward Cargo Ship ... Moments Later the Freighter Is Sinking

New video out of the Red Sea appears to show the moment a small boat was apparently able to score a  ...View More

Watch: Hollywood Legend Evacuated After Fire at Historic Irish Hotel

Actor Henry Winkler, remembered by many for playing Fonzie on the ’70s sitcom “Happy Days,” was evac ...View More

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