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Global Elites Take Climate Propaganda To A Whole New Level

The United Nations’ 28th annual climate summit kicked off Thursday in Dubai. While President Joe Bid ...View More

JEFF MYERS: Here’s Why Sympathy For Terrorists Is Growing Among America’s Youth

Anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiment is more popular among Gen Zers than any other belief, with the ...View More

Who Won The DeSantis Vs. Newsom Debate?

Fox News hosted a red-state vs. blue-state showdown last night featuring Republican Florida Gover ...View More

Thank You For Saving My Life, Gavin Newsom

During Thursday’s debate between 2024 Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis and Democratic  ...View More

‘Lawmen: Bass Reeves’ Breaks Major Streaming Record For 2023

“Lawmen: Bass Reeves” was the most watched global series premiere of 2023 for Paramount+, beating ou ...View More

New Nightmare Unlocked: Earth Could Be Knocked Out Of Orbit By A ‘Rogue Star’

A study published in November suggests Earth could one day be knocked out of its orbit by a “rogue s ...View More

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The Unhinged Among Us

October 7 should have been an open-and-shut case of moral condemnation.During peace and holiday, inv ...View More

Netflix Is Coming Out With An Absolute Banger Of A Series About Griselda Blanco And I Already Have My Popcorn Ready

I literally got chills the whole way through the trailer … epic! Sofia Vergara. Griselda Blanco. ...View More

CONWAY: Education Freedom Can Stop Unnecessary School Closures

Dark hallways, quiet classrooms, and empty playgrounds were supposed to be a short-term feature of p ...View More

Doctors Clear Bronny James For ‘Full Return’ After He Suffered Cardiac Arrest: REPORT

Shoutout to Bronny! Welcome back! Doctors cleared Bronny James, NBA superstar LeBron James’s 18- ...View More

Philadelphia Eagles Fans Celebrate Their Team’s Rigged Victory Over Buffalo Bills In True Philly Style

Because of course … Philadelphia, baby. When it comes to football fans, there’s a lot of differe ...View More

ROOKE: Why Are So Many American Men Killing Themselves? The Answer’s Obvious

American men are killing themselves at higher rates than at any time in history, and it’s our fault. ...View More

A Conservative Tidal Wave Is About To Hit A Country No One Would’ve Expected

[unable to retrieve full-text content]A long-serving — but still young — member of parliament, Poili ...View More

We Have New Footage Of Bills’ Shaq Lawson Shoving An Eagles Fan, And It Appears We Have Some Liars On Our Hands

What a horrible look for Shaq Lawson and Jordan Phillips. New footage is circulating of Buffalo  ...View More

The Dark Lord Returns: Olbermann Back On Twitter 24 Hours After He Quit ‘Antisemitic’ Platform

He’s back. [embedded content]In an incredible, wildly unpredictable event (kidding, I predicted ...View More

OC Sean Lewis Expected To Flee Deion Sanders’ Colorado For San Diego State Head Coaching Gig After Just One Season

It just gets worse and worse for Colorado! The Buffaloes offensive coordinator Sean Lewis is exp ...View More

Archaeologists Turn On Another Group Of People Destroying Our History, And It Won’t End Well

An essay published Wednesday in Sapiens called out “treasure hunters” for making archaeology so much ...View More

Neal McDonough Says Faith Guided Him After Hollywood Blackballed Him For Refusing To Do Sex Scenes

Actor Neal McDonough went viral Tuesday after conservative commentator Chad Prather re-released a vi ...View More

Oklahoma City Thunder’s Josh Giddey Slammed With Boos After Being Accused Of Dating Underage Girl

If the allegations are true, Josh Giddey deserves every boo he gets hit with.The Oklahoma City Thund ...View More

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