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How to stop being so competitive – and why it’s not always good for you

HOW many times have you scoffed at the phrase: “It’s the taking part that counts?” We’re told winnin ...View More

From prostate cancer to gastric bands – Dr Jeff answers your health questions

DR Jeff Foster is The Sun on Sunday’s resident doctor and is here to help YOU.Dr Jeff, 43, spli ...View More

From muesli to high-protein cereal, we test three healthy breakfast options

THERE is plenty of debate about breakfast these days.Some still say you need to refuel in the mornin ...View More

What it really means to have OCD as cases rocket after pandemic – with David Beckham shining light on ‘tiring’ condition

IN a new Netflix documentary David Beckham is filmed frantically tidying his house late at night aft ...View More

Common cold can trigger a killer blood clot disorder, scientists discover for the first time

WE all know how miserable the common cold can be.But now, scientists are warning that your seasonal  ...View More

The life-saving but super easy rash test every parent must know – using just your thumb

AN EX-PARAMEDIC has revealed a life-saving test that can reveal if your child is suffering a serious ...View More

The truth about ‘hot dog’ poos and how it’s a sign of ‘optimum’ health

YOU probably don't make a habit of examining your poo. But now might be a good time to start - as it ...View More

What your HANDSHAKE says about your health – from cancer to depression

SHAKING hands can be a minefield. Do you trust their hands are clean? Do you match the person's grip ...View More

Key to having good sex revealed – and it’s surprisingly simple

THE key to great sex is a good night’s sleep.Scientists found men who struggle with insomnia were 58 ...View More

Thousands of women with fillers are at risk of painful and disfiguring side effects years later, warn medics

THOUSANDS of women with fillers are at risk of painful and disfiguring side effects years later, med ...View More

Vaping ‘barbecues your lungs’ and is leading to more transplant ops, doctor claims

VAPES could be 'barbecuing your lungs', a doctor has claimed. California eye-surgeon Dr Brian Boxer  ...View More

I went through the world’s most painful op to get a bit taller… it cost £35k-an-inch & was agony but it was worth it

AN INKED-UP influencer underwent an "excruciating" and expensive limb-lengthening operation to becom ...View More

Urgent warning to anyone who’s had Covid over ‘increased risk of killer blood infection’

COVID can cause a number of life-threatening complications.Sepsis, a reaction to an infection that c ...View More

The 3 popular foods you should NEVER eat or risk killer bug, according to a microbiologist

EACH year, around 2.4million people Brits suffer from a bout of dreaded food poisoning.And ...View More

The 8 simple exercises to ‘slash killer high blood pressure’ – and you won’t even have to break a sweat

TODAY is World Heart Day, a time to reflect on whether you are looking after your ticker. One of the ...View More

Strange purple lump on baby’s head is brain tissue spilling out of his skull, shocked docs discover

A BABY boy was born with a strange purple lump on the top of his head, surrounded by a ring of long  ...View More

Lewis Capaldi praised for immense bravery in raising awareness of Tourette’s at awards

SINGER Lewis Capaldi has been highly commended in the country’s top Neurodiversity Awards for his br ...View More

Warning to parents as 1 in 10 kids at risk of deadly Victorian diseases – how to protect your child

HEALTH experts are urging parents to get their children jabbed against measles, mumps and rubella af ...View More

From stress to too much fat – the 5 things making your poop yellow and when to worry

WHEN you think of poop, the colour brown is probably the first that comes to mind. But number twos c ...View More

Bubonic plague which leaves victims vomiting blood kills one as experts issue warning

A PERSON in the US has died from bubonic plague, health officials have confirmed. The unnamed victim ...View More

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