F.A.I.R. - Illegal Immigration  

Sinaloa Cartel and Chinese Criminals Join Forces to Launder Millions in Drug Profits, Prosecutors Say

FAIR Take | June 2024Federal agents last week announced it had indicted 24 Mexican and Chi ...View More

This Isn’t the Solution to Police Staffing Shortages

Law enforcement agencies across the nation are suffering unprecedented staffing shortages so dire, t ...View More

Illegal Alien Arrested in Brutal Rape and Murder of Mom of Five

The Ma & Pa Trail in Bel Air, Maryland, is 1,800 miles from the southern border. It’s where Rach ...View More

The U.S. Asylum System and Asylum Loopholes

Offering asylum to people who are genuinely persecuted is a wise policy that affirms America’s commi ...View More

The DACA Myth, What Americans Need to Know

A FAIR Research Team Report | June 2021 | Click here for PDF version of this report Introductio ...View More

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