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I tried Mark Zuckerberg’s new ‘mixed reality’ Meta Quest 3 headset – two moments have left me obsessed

I HAD a chance to try out Meta's brand new "mixed reality" headset.The Meta Quest 3 is Mark Zuckerbe ...View More

Amazon Fire TV Stick users are just realizing ‘easy vacation trick’ means you’ll never miss your beloved movies or shows

A DOWNSIDE of going on vacation means that holidaymakers often miss their favorite TV shows and movi ...View More

PS5 owners are just realizing that three hidden tools give games instant upgrade

PLAYSTATION 5 lovers may not know about three clever features that can make their gaming more enjoya ...View More

Google reveals 6 Android tricks to instantly upgrade battery life and the first is little-known hidden setting

ANDROID owners have discovered six tips that can help keep their devices juiced up.It can be annoyin ...View More

Mind-blowing ‘alien life’ calculation reveals where ET is probably hiding – and it’s surprisingly close

EXPERTS have revealed their thoughts on where extraterrestrial life may be hiding if it truly exists ...View More

Best Buy shoppers rush to snap up giant $420 4K TV scanning for $211 and say it’s ‘so awesome I’ll buy another’

BEST Buy is offering a giant TV at a heavily discounted price.A 50-inch 4K Pioneer TV is available f ...View More

iPhone owners are just realizing hidden ‘instant upgrade’ trick makes your phone feel so much faster

IPHONE fans have uncovered a helpful function that can enhance their device's performance. A few wee ...View More

Warning issued over deadly bull shark attacks as scientists reveal surprising time ‘dangerous’ creature is most active

SCIENTISTS claim to have worked out when the biggest bull sharks are most active and avid beachgoers ...View More

Walmart shops rush to buy ‘flash deal’ $200 gadget down to $70 and say ‘I’m shocked at how much better it makes my life’

WALMART is offering a "flash deal" on a popular air purifier.The gadget has earned thousands of revi ...View More

I’m a hacking expert – delete five texts from your iPhone or Android right now or your bank account could be wiped out

FIVE sinister messages should be scrubbed from your phone as soon as possible – or you could be at r ...View More

Is Discord down? Thousands complain of Cloudfare ‘sorry you have been blocked’ alert

THOUSANDS of Discord users have complained that the popular social platform is currently down for a  ...View More

Discord down updates — Cloudflare undergoes maintenance as thousands of users unable to access messaging service

Issues continue to rise in the UK Issues with Discord are continuing to rise in the UK, with over 4 ...View More

China eyes up ‘Moon caves’ as potential spots for lunar bases that would shield astronauts from extreme conditions

CHINA has expressed interest in building lunar bases in caves found on the Moon's surface.These cave ...View More

Alien life possibly originates from ‘radioactive metals’ and could be ‘radically different from what we understand’

RESEARCHERS have claimed that alien life could evolve from elements different from what we're used t ...View More

Amazon Fire Stick users are just realizing they can turn iPhone and Androids into backup remote if original fails

AMAZON Fire Stick owners have been informed of a hidden tool that can improve their user experience. ...View More

Scientists reveal why whales ‘wear hats made of seaweed’ as over 100 creatures are spotted wearing ‘natural accessory’

SCIENTISTS have discovered why whales are often seen wearing seaweed.The marine plant is thought to  ...View More

Nintendo Switch users rush to buy $40 must-have gadget scanning for $16.99 as customer says ‘this makes charging easier’

SHOPPERS have been rushing to Walmart to score a popular gaming accessory on sale. Walmart is h ...View More

MS Swaminathan dead – Award-winning scientist dubbed the father of India’s ‘Green Revolution’ dies aged 98

THE father of India's Green Revolution MS Swaminathan has passed away at the age of 98. The renowned ...View More

Best Buy shoppers rush to buy top-brand $250 gadget scanning for $149.99 as customer says ‘we use it everyday’

THE deal on this top-brand speaker is one you need to get your hands on.The JBL - Onyx Studio 7 Port ...View More

AI deepfakes ‘could sway elections and crash stock market’ scientists warn as team rushes to prevent ‘growing threat’

SCIENTISTS are worried that artificial intelligence may be able to sway the election with deepfake c ...View More

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