We Need to Talk About These Epic Floods in New York City

Remnants from Tropical Storm Ophelia might have caused at least seven inches of rain to be dumped on ...View More

Democrats Kick Americans to the Curb In Order to Make Room for Illegal Migrants

President Joe Biden has spent most of his time in office catering to foreign countries and illegal m ...View More

'Union Joe' Gets Trolled For Picketing With UAW

President Joe Biden's attempt to act like he is concerned with middle-class workers failed ...View More

The Most Cringe Worthy Moment of the Week Goes to Antony Blinken

When you think the Democratic Party couldn't embarrass themselves any further, they do. This ti ...View More

Remember When San Francisco Considered Renaming This Elementary School?

Back in late 2020 and early 2021, with schoolchildren having suffered enough from closures due to CO ...View More

RFK Jr. Reportedly Plans to Run As An Independent Candidate

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will reportedly run as an Independent candidate in 2024. According to clo ...View More

New Poll Highlights Why More Families Are Choosing to Homeschool

Stay-at-home orders throughout the COVID-19 pandemic impacted children in all grade levels as they w ...View More

Here's What Happened When Elon Musk Livestreamed His Visit to the Southern Border

Twitter CEO Elon Musk visited the southern border on Thursday to see first-hand the destruction Pres ...View More

The Liberal Media's Description of Dianne Feinstein's Political Views Is...Interesting

As Leah wrote this morning, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has passed away. She was 90. The California ...View More

'Trans' Student Violently Attacks Female Student

This week, a video circulated on X, formerly known as Twitter, showed a "transgender" student at a p ...View More

Government Shutdown 'Inevitable,' 'All But Assured' After Short-Term Spending Bill Fails

On Friday afternoon, the House failed to pass a short-term funding bill, which makes a government sh ...View More

Gingrich on GOP Primary: 'This Race Is Over'

With former President Donald Trump far ahead of his GOP opponents in the polls and refusing to parti ...View More

Here's What Republican Members of Congress Are Doing to Prevent Future Shutdowns

As of Friday afternoon, it is looking increasingly likely that the government is headed for a shutdo ...View More

FBI Finally Apprehends Man Who Fled Before Being Sentenced Over January 6 Riot

This story almost vanished, like the man who tried to flee sentencing for his role in the January 6  ...View More

Florida School District Removes All LGBTQ+ Reading Materials

Officials within a school district in Florida recently ordered the removal of all books and material ...View More

Remember That Time Dianne Feinstein Totally Owned a Bunch of Kids on Climate Change?

As Leah wrote this morning, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) passed away at 90. She was a staunch libera ...View More

Sixth Circuit Allows Laws to Remain in Effect Protecting Children From Mutilation

On Thursday, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld laws from Kentucky and Tennessee that protect ...View More

DeSantis Won the Second Debate. Does it Matter?

After watching the second presidential debate Wednesday night, my general impressions were that (1)  ...View More

Bob Menendez Wanted to Address Corruption Charges With Dem Colleagues. Here's How They Reacted.

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) isn’t going anywhere. He made that known when he brazenly announced his int ...View More

How One California City Is Handling the Illegal Immigration Crisis

In recent months, thousands of immigrants who entered the United States illegally have been dropped  ...View More

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