WashPost Puffs Trump's J-6 Judge: Reasonable Yet Tough, 'Coolheaded Natural Talent'

Government officials who are poised against Donald Trump are seen as heroes. Or are they painted as ...View More

Univision Cheers Licenses For Illegals In Minnesota

Time and time again, Univision proves itself to be an immigration advocacy PAC with a broadcast lice ...View More

MSNBC Dutifully Repeats Fire Alarm-Pulling Dem's Excuses

Saturday brought the simultaneously bizarre and outrageous development of New York Democratic Rep. J ...View More

Networks Leaped to Live Coverage of Trump Impeachments, Yawn at Biden Inquiry

Paul Sperry, the longtime journalist who's now an investigative reporter for Real Clear Investigatio ...View More

Defending ‘Joey From Scranton,’ Hating ‘Destructive’ Clarence Thomas

On the first day of the impeachment inquiry hearings into the Biden family scandals, ABC’s Good Mor ...View More

Is Bill Burr’s ‘Old Dads’ the Comedy Conservatives Crave?

Mainstream comics leave countless jokes on the table. Just consider the Biden administration, for s ...View More

CBS Hypes Christian Activists Spreading The 'Gospel' Of Fossil Fuel Abolition

CBS Saturday Morning correspondent Adam Yamaguchi took the idea that climate activism is a religion  ...View More

Maher, DeSantis Mock New York Times, Battle on Election Laws, Abortion

With the writers’ strike over, the late night comedy shows are back and first out of the gate on Fri ...View More

FLASHBACK: The Media’s Long History of One-Sided Shutdown Coverage

[unable to retrieve full-text content]September 28 was globally recognized as “International Safe Ab ...View More

Katie Couric: Obama Owes Me a 'Big-Ass Bouquet' for 2008 Palin Attack Interview

Fox News media reporter Joseph Wulfsohn reported on Friday that former CBS Evening News anchor Kati ...View More

Univisión lamenta abiertamente el fallecimiento de la senadora Feinstein

Con frecuencia se nos recuerda que Univisión se ha encargado de actuar como un lobby de inmigración  ...View More

Univision Openly Mourns Passing of Senator Feinstein

We are often reminded that Univision has taken it upon itself to act like an immigration lobby rathe ...View More

NewsBusters Podcast: The Fox Biz Debate That Oddly Slanted to the Left

The second GOP presidential debate on Fox Business took an odd turn to the Left in the questions of ...View More

Amanpour Lets Green Party Nut Bash Capitalism and Bolsters Bidenomics With Krugman

It was “Green Day” on Amanpour & Co. Wednesday, with host Christiane Amanpour in London intervie ...View More

New Survey Exposes TikTok’s Disturbing Influence in Gen Z Women

A new survey revealed that TikTok’s influence over Americans is only growing, thus increasing the Ch ...View More

Will SCOTUS Kill Texas, Florida Free Speech Laws?

After years of delay, the notoriously risk-averse Supreme Court will finally decide whether states  ...View More

Et Tu Brute? Yelp Is Censoring Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

Yelp is reportedly discriminating against pro-life pregnancy centers on its website and app. Crisis ...View More

Reporter Kicked Out of Trans Event After Asking 'What is a Woman?'

Timcast news reporter Elaad Eliahu was escorted out after asking the panel to define the word "woman ...View More

NEW: Libs of TikTok Chaya Raichik Gets Elon Musk to Crush Censorship

After promising to take action against demonetized terms on his platform, X owner Elon Musk ended c ...View More

Trump Takes the Wheel? PBS Promotes Cassidy Hutchinson, No Fact Checks On Her Testimony

Even on a newscast preceding Wednesday night’s GOP presidential debate, the tax-supported PBS NewsHo ...View More

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