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Voters in Swing-State Georgia See Grocery Prices as a Campaign Issue

Inflation is on Georgia voters’ minds. Sandra Bacharach, who lives in the Atlanta suburb of Alphar ...View More

Something Worth Supporting for 2024

The United Kingdom will likely get a new prime minister after the country’s July 4 elections. No one ...View More

Will Donald Trump Release a 2024 SCOTUS Short List?

After a bruising GOP presidential primary, in May 2016 Donald Trump released a list of potential Sup ...View More

Colorado Democrats Bolster ‘Stop-the-Steal’ Primary Candidate

Happy Monday! High temperatures in Washington have been relentless, and even Honest Abe is feeling t ...View More

The Cash for Clunkers Debate

Then-President Donald Trump and Joe Biden participate  ...View More

One More Time With Feeling: Unity Is Overrated

Dear Reader (even the litigious romantics among you), They told me that if Joe Biden was elected p ...View More

Populism Without the Populism

Life is unpredictable, my friends. One day you’re worried about foreigners “poisoning the blood” o ...View More

Republicans Plan to Step Up Their Ground Game in a Crucial Battleground

Happy Friday! We hope your Friday morning began with your feeding two wild ravens, as Robert F. Kenn ...View More

It Is Time for Radical Candor

From the Associated Press earlier this week: “The House Ethics Committee on Tuesday gave an unusual  ...View More

Dead Kennedy

“The most dreaded election in modern political history.” That’s how Axios described this year’s pr ...View More

How Trump and Biden’s Legal Troubles Could Play Into Their Debate

Welcome back to The Collision, just one week before the first general election presidential debate b ...View More

Checking in on the Presidential Race Ahead of the First Debate

Happy Thursday! Robert F. Kennedy Jr. posted a video on Instagram this week introducing the two rave ...View More

Gambling on Democracy

Axios published a scoop Wednesday about the misgivings a certain presidential candidate’s advisers a ...View More

House Freedom Caucus Chair’s Virginia Primary Race Too Close to Call

Happy Wednesday! A documentary about South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem will debut on X on Thursday. We’r ...View More

When Democrats Cry ‘Fake News’

To conservative bloggers of a certain age, the phrase “fake but accurate” represents an entire era i ...View More

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