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WEF Pushes Net Zero — Even Though Trees and Humans Need Carbon to Survive

Humans, plants, and animals are all carbon-based life forms, meaning that we need carbon to survive. ...View More

Did a Paid Democrat Zoomer Influencer Just Pull a Jussie Smollett?

Fake, self-inflicted attacks blamed on MAGA domestic terrorists are all the rage with the left.The m ...View More

Here’s How the Media Is Lying About the Impeachment Hearing

For sure, most Americans aren’t watching the impeachment hearings. People have jobs, responsibilitie ...View More

Texas Church Taking Transgender Kids to Blue States for Puberty Blockers and Surgeries

Not every church is actually a “church” in the biblical sense of the term. This fact has become abun ...View More

SHOCK VIDEOS: Trans Student Assaults Three Girls at Oregon Middle School

Two videos hit Twitter today, allegedly showing the same trans student — a male identifying as femal ...View More

FBI Uncovers the Global Satanic Cult That Targets Vulnerable Children

Pedophilia, extortion, murder, suicide, and pornography are the issues surrounding 23-year-old Angel ...View More

The Biden Campaign May Want to Rethink Using This Clip of DeSantis

During the GOP debate Wednesday night, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) called out Donald Trump for not be ...View More

Toxic Masculinity: Trans Woman Blames Testosterone for Making Kiddie Porn

Robyn Wong, a woman living as a man and working at a daycare center, drew a 25-year sentence in pris ...View More

SCOTUS May Place Independent Agencies Like Social Security and FDIC on the Chopping Block

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a case with far-reaching implications. At issue is how ...View More

Homelessness Has Become a Bipartisan Issue

Homelessness used to be a big-city issue — Democratic big cities. But the homelessness crisis has hi ...View More

You Won’t Believe How Much Shoplifters Cost Retailers Last Year

The Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies and their war on police have taken a huge toll on retailers. A ...View More

Will the GOP Debate Tonight Change Anything?

Donald Trump is 40 points ahead in the Republican primary race and doesn’t appear to be slipping any ...View More

Is Gavin Newsom Being Groomed to Replace Biden on the Ballot?

There is no shortage of speculation that Gavin Newsom is looking for his chance to run for president ...View More

Does Long-Term Bacterial or Viral Infection Cause Alzheimer’s?

The prevailing wisdom for some time has been that Alzheimer’s and similar forms of neurodegenerative ...View More

Insanity Wrap: The Legal Assault on the Trump Organization Is Far Worse Than You Think

New York Democrats just imposed the “corporate death penalty” on the Trump Organization. “It’s some ...View More

Short-Term Spending Deal Has No Chance in the House

In the sweltering summer of 1787 when a convention of the states had been called to write a new Basi ...View More

Iran Seizes Upon a Chance to Get Even More Money From Biden

You’ll be relieved to hear it: after refusing for years to deal directly with the nation he frequent ...View More

How Liberty Is Lost: The Danger of Americans Prioritizing Safety

Benjamin Franklin brilliantly observed, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a li ...View More

I’m So Done With Kari Lake — and You Should Be, too

It pains me to say this because I had high hopes for Kari Lake, but I’m so done with her. I’m not ha ...View More

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