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Cartel-trained terrorists being drawn to Biden's free-for-all border

Thousands of illegals from all over the world continue to stream across the U.S. southern border as  ...View More

House may be close to beginning debate on crucial defense spending bill … again

Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pennsylvania) told Washington Watch yesterday that a gentlemen's agreement might ...View More

A case for the draft

Last week, reported that the Air Force will miss its recruiting goals for the first tim ...View More

Famous journalism school can't find 'required' DEI ideology anywhere

Stacy Skankey, an attorney at the Arizona-based Goldwater Institute, says the think tank is concerne ...View More

Pavone: Despite 3-second sound bite, Trump remains pro-life candidate

The former president and current frontrunner for the 2024 Republican nomination created a stir this  ...View More

Millions of Canadians want a reformation

The U.S. has been the setting of similar protests, with parents showing up at school board meetings  ...View More

Dems crack under pressure, handing 'Coach' a massive military win

There was, after all, no real reason to keep the officers waiting. As several pundits have poin ...View More

Three biblical reasons to earn more

There's a common belief, especially among Christians, that really rubs me the wrong way. It's the id ...View More

After escaping Supreme Court ruling, West Point sued over race-based admissions

The group known as Students for Fair Admissions has filed suit against the historic military academy ...View More

Southern state gives thanks to Jesus

Citing the foundations laid by a number of "truly great men and women," Governor Tate Reeves (R-Miss ...View More

Chuck Schumer and Democrats Change Senate Dress Code so John Fetterman Can Dress Like a Slob

It’s a new week of Democrats breaking down societal norms and tossing tradition. Senate leader Chuck ...View More

7 Years Ago Today Hillary Clinton Dropped Like a Rock and Was Thrown Into Van Like a Side of Beef (VIDEO)

Seven years ago today… Hillary Clinton on September 11, 2016, buckled and dropped at Ground Zero in ...View More

Vance might have revealed Democrats' devotion to masks but will public push back?

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) tried to get out in front of possible mask mandates by introducing legislat ...View More

Climate change 'consensus' is an illusion

In its declaration, the Global Climate Intelligence Group (CLINTEL) demands that climate science sho ...View More

Beware of 'they' telling you to cover your face in fear

A Medal of Honor ceremony spun sideways Tuesday after President Biden exited the White Hou ...View More

GA GOP letting Left use tax dollars to target Trump

State Senator Colton Moore (R-GA) continues to call for an emergency legislative session to investig ...View More

Surrounded and attacked, Tuberville tells Pentagon: You surrender first

The Republican senator from Alabama is now six months into his stance of placing “holds” on DOD prom ...View More

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