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Davidson: Vigilance is NOT Optional: Be Wary of Your Local Public Schools

By Jeff Davidson, As the school year winds down across the nation, let us pause to assess the state  ...View More

Pity Party Time: Pro-Palestinian College Protesters Losing Job Offers

A new study found that three in ten pro-Palestinian college protesters have recently suffered the lo ...View More

Woke Airline Pilot Union Says Stop Saying ‘Cockpit’ and ‘Manpower’ Because They’re Not ‘Inclusive’ Enough

The world’s largest airline pilot union is jumping feet first into the stupidity of wokeness by urgi ...View More

Stores Pulling Back on ‘Pride” Exhibitions This Year

Pride goeth before the fall… The corporate world seems to have finally learned that going big for “G ...View More

About Time: White Residents Sue City for Paying Blacks ‘Reparations’ with Tax Dollars

A group of white residents of the liberal Chicago suburb of Evanston have filed a lawsuit after town ...View More

Catholic School Expels 3 Brothers for Daring to Praise Patriotism

A Catholic school expelled three brothers because one of them defied officials by praising patriotis ...View More

Davidson: Staying Safe When You Take that Wrong Exit

By Jeff Davidson, You take a wrong turn in the city, perhaps missing the desired exit ramp and you e ...View More

The Left Has Convinced Most Blacks to Believe in Conspiracy Theory that Whites Hate Them

According to the Pew Research Center, most blacks believe the conspiracy theory that white people ha ...View More

’24 Hour Fitness Center’ Says BLM, Gay Symbols are Freedom of Speech, But U.S. Flag is Banned

24 Hour Fitness Center, a national exercise gym chain, is telling employees that radical left-wing s ...View More

Newcombe: Why “Bad Faith” is a Bad Movie

By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. Did the founders create America as “one nation under God” or did they want ...View More

Hate Crimes Charges Dropped for Christian Who Destroyed Satan Statue in Iowa Capital

Prosecutors have finally decided to drop the hate crimes charges filed against the Christian man who ...View More

The Illinois Civil War General Who Helped Create Memorial Day

A few years after the Civil War, as the nation started upon its long road toward reconciliation, reb ...View More

Wooldridge: America, We’re in Serious Trouble

By Frosty Wooldridge. Okay, I talk to a lot of people across this country.  Just your basic, de ...View More

The Left’s Utter Depravity on Display: Indoctrinating Young Children

By Jeff Davidson, Lucky me: I’ve been an author and professional speaker for 41 years. Of late, I am ...View More

Peacock Set to Launch Gay Animal Series ‘Queer Planet’ for Gay Pride Month

NBC is set to run a special featuring animals claimed to be representative of a wide scale of LGBTQ  ...View More

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