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Tweet of the Day: James Woods Says America Was ‘Two Inches Away’ From Civil War With Attempted Trump Assassination

As the world knows by now, former President Donald Trump was shot in the ear during an att ...View More

Donald Trump Authorized GoFundMe for Shooting Victims’ Families

After the shots rang out, and the perpetrator was dead, the lives of nearly everyone who a ...View More

“The Strongest Man in America” – Trump emerges Defiant and Alive After Assassination Attempt

Democrats vilified him. They’ve called his supporters “domestic terrorists.” They’ve tried ...View More

Australian Judge Who Dismissed COVID ‘Vaccine’ Lawsuit Concealed She Had Been Paid By Pfizer

And this is why the People must awake, rise up and deliver justice against these tyrants,  ...View More

The US Government is an Invasive Species

The US government and its elite cronies are an invasive species. They have invaded nearly  ...View More

Whistleblower: FBI Abuses Security Clearance Process To ‘Purge’ Conservative Agents

(Natural News) The Security Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is abusi ...View More

Why Has The Chinese Military Suddenly Become So Aggressive? Is Something Up?

Does China sense weakness in the White House?  In recent days Chinese troops hav ...View More

Surgeon General Murthy: Gun Owners Are A Disease

(Natural News) Until 1996, one of the primary tactics of anti-liberty/gun cracktivists was ...View More

Okay, So Who Has “Bubonic Plague” On Their 2024 Disaster Bingo Card?

This has been quite a decade for global pestilence.  The first one to hit was COVID,  ...View More

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