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Republicans Oust Santos, Don’t Hold Biden, Mayorkas Accountable

As usual, Republicans are doing their best to sabotage themselves while ignoring blatant Democrat cr ...View More

Tucker All In on Trump 2024: ‘I Will Lead Protests’ For Him

Tucker Carlson recently made it abundantly clear whom he supports in the GOP nomination as well as f ...View More

LAST CHANCE: Special 48 Hour PJ Media Blowout Sale

Our sale last weekend for Black Friday/Cyber Monday was so popular, that we're giving one FINAL chan ...View More

Jussie Smollett Loses Appeal, Will Continue Serving Jail Time for Hate Crime Hoax

On Friday, an Illinois appeals court rejected Jussie Smollett's appeal of his hate crime hoax convic ...View More

Mayor Adams Wants Exemptions to NYC 'Congestion Pricing'

If you want to drive your car into Manhattan during peak hours, you will pay a steep price. The Metr ...View More

War Resumes in Gaza After Collapse of Truce Negotiations

The war in Gaza has resumed after talks to extend the pause for hostage releases broke down. Israel' ...View More

FRIDAY AT 3PM EASTERN: 'Five O'Clock Somewhere' with Kruiser, VodkaPundit, Cam Edwards

Now that "Five O'Clock Somewhere" has moved to its Standard Time slot at 3 p.m. Eastern, it occurs t ...View More

WATCH: KJP Tussles With Heroic African Reporter, Abruptly Ends Press Briefing

Simon Ateba is an absolute international treasure who should be protected at all costs. All he wants ...View More

CNN: ‘It’s Time to Limit Travel’ for Climate Change

Futurist utopians once envisioned a destiny for humanity populated with flying cars, endless leisure ...View More

Trump Supporters Are Already Trashing DeSantis’ Debate Performance Against Newsom

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and California Gov. Gavin Newsom will face off tonight in what is sure to  ...View More

Christian Lawmakers Take a Stand Against Arkansas Abortion Amendment

As Democrats double down on their obsession with killing babies, a group of Christian lawmakers is s ...View More

Breaking: Nixon Era Fixture Henry Kissinger Has Died at 100

Henry Kissinger, one of the most dominant figures of the Watergate and Vietnam War eras, has died.&n ...View More

Radical Portland Teacher Reveals Why Strike Was About 'Raw Power,' Not the Kids

It was always about the revolution, not the children. Of course, you knew that. But now a Portland t ...View More

Virginia Election Official ‘Altered Election Results’ in 2020

The Democrats and the media have long maintained that the 2020 election was “the most secure electio ...View More

Sports Illustrated Caught Using AI Generated Articles Written by Fake Authors

I haven't subscribed to Sports Illustrated since the 1990s. By then, the poetry had gone out of the  ...View More

Seattle Middle School Teacher Leads Students in Attacking Parental Rights Group Moms for Liberty

On Saturday, Moms for Liberty shared images of a package they received from a Seattle middle school  ...View More

There’s a Connection Between the First American Released by Hamas and Hunter Biden's Artwork’

Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed to have been an integral part of the negotiation process for return ...View More

How the Mobs Stole Christmas (Tree Lightings)

When they're not storming the Capitol without arrest, beating up cops, and leaving "bloody" handprin ...View More

Jewish Professor Calls Hamas Terrorists 'Murderers.' USC Bans Him From Teaching on Campus

The October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel exposed the shocking level of anti-Semitism that sti ...View More

Bill Maher’s Election Denialism Hypocrisy

Last week, Bill Maher had director Oliver Stone as a guest on his podcast and was flabbergasted when ...View More

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