Culture Shock  

GoFundMe for Trump Rally Shooting Victims Raises More Than $3 Million

Editor’s note: As of Sunday evening, the total raised is more than $3.1 million. The Daily Caller ...View More

Steve Gleason and the Pro-Life Movement: No White Flags

Steve Gleason, a former safety for the NFL’s New Orleans Saints, held the audience spellbound inside ...View More

How Big is Your View of the Gospel?

Too many people in society hold the belief that Jesus, God incarnate in human form, is only interest ...View More

Virginia School District Ignore Parents Opposition, Implements ‘Gender Identity’ Lessons

More than 80% of parents in Fairfax Country Public School’s (FCPS) do not support “gender combined s ...View More

Terror and Dread Has Fallen Upon Them!

For those who have felt under constant attack and are questioning the status of your warfare, know t ...View More

Please, Please, Please, We Must All Tone Things Down

As we all sit here stunned, watching the footage of the attempted assassination of President Trump,  ...View More

Liberal Media’s DESPICABLE Coverage of Trump’s Attempted Assassination

Several liberal media outlets made the choice Saturday evening to display absolute degeneracy when c ...View More

Tested by Fire: The 2 Seconds That Define Donald Trump

How many men have faced the crucible of a near-death experience and came out triumphant? America jus ...View More

July 4th, Independence Day… For Those Who Actually Remember It

The day of celebration of the independence of our great country is once again at hand… for those of  ...View More

’Called to Be Distinct’: Southern Baptist Convention Must Withstand Left-Wing Influences, Denominational Leader Says

The United Methodist Church’s pro-LGBTQ stance might foreshadow a similar future for the Southern Ba ...View More

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