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Report: 186 Now-Removed Arizona Voter Roll Names Were Foreign Nationals

Arizona removed nearly 200 residents from its voter rolls after discovering they were foreign nation ...View More

Biden Tries Buying Votes With Student Loan Forgiveness Plot, Despite SCOTUS Blocking His Previous Attempt

In an attempt to buy votes ahead of the 2024 election, President Biden doubled down on his pledge to ...View More

Governor Of Nation’s Largest Coal State Leads Charge To ‘Decarbonize’ The West

Carbon sequestration has become Republicans’ most popular answer to climate change, with GOP governo ...View More

National Education Union Spends Teachers’ Dues Pushing Anti-Child Policies

One “benefit” of the Covid-19 lockdowns was the public’s exposure to what is, or isn’t, going on in  ...View More

Congress Must Stop The Big Corporate Election Interference It Didn’t In 2020

In a hearing earlier this month, the House Administration Committee deftly exposed the effect “Zuckb ...View More

Superhero Flicks Like ‘Madame Web’ Stink Because They’re About Other Movies Instead Of Real Life

Superhero movies have dominated the cinematic landscape for the better part of two decades now and c ...View More

Dark Money Group Peddles Viral Disinformation To Frame GOP Senate Candidate As Clueless Elite

A left-wing dark money group masquerading as a Midwestern newspaper selectively clipped the announce ...View More

Court: D.C. Must Fork Over Data About ‘Deceased’ People On Voter Rolls From Leftist-Linked ‘Maintenance’ Group

In the latest win for election integrity advocates, Washington, D.C. agreed to forfeit data related  ...View More

Congress Is Too Busy Bankrolling Ukraine To Stop The VA From Processing Illegals’ Health Care Costs

Members of Congress love to profess their alleged support for America’s military veterans. But if th ...View More

David Weiss’s Latest Motion Shows By Protecting The Bidens, He Compromised National Security

A federal judge rejected Special Counsel David Weiss’s request that confidential human source Alexan ...View More

People Abandoned Disney Over Terrible Storytelling, Not Primarily Politics

Which is more important for a movie: a compelling story or ideology? If you found yourself among  ...View More

Biden’s Support For ‘Three-Trimester’ Abortions Explains Why His DOJ Won’t Probe Death Of Five Babies

Last week, in a bombshell press conference led by Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, and Rep. Andy Bi ...View More

Florida Bill Could Help Left-Wing Groups Sue Conservative Media Into Oblivion

Proposed Florida defamation legislation would make it easier for leftwing lawyers to sue conservativ ...View More

Senate Conservatives Demand McConnell Oppose Democrats’ Plan To Table Mayorkas’ Impeachment

Conservatives in the Senate are urging Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to oppose Democrats’ p ...View More

Foreign Nationals Aren’t Just Voting In San Francisco Elections, They’re Running Them Too

In San Francisco, California’s Democrat officials are too busy gifting foreign nationals the ability ...View More

What The Alabama Supreme Court’s Ruling On Frozen Embryos Means For Big Fertility

The Alabama Supreme Court reaffirmed the indisputable scientific fact that life begins at conception ...View More

Why Protestants Convert To Catholicism

Why Do Protestants Convert? should be read by many, even though it may please few. Coauthored by Bra ...View More

30 Questions Likely To Stump The ‘Sharp’ And ‘Vigorous’ Joe Biden

Joe Biden has the greatest mental acuity of any president in the history of the United States — at l ...View More

Our Library Stopped Late Fees, So I Stopped Returning Books

Libraries all over the country are ending the longstanding library tradition of fining patrons for r ...View More

Trump Fined $350 Million In Democrats’ Latest Gambit To Rig The 2024 Election

A New York judge fined Donald Trump and the Trump Organization $350 million on Friday, marking Democ ...View More

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