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Oakland Mayor Raided by FBI Blames “Radical Right-Wing Forces”

When you’re a Democrat in a Democrat city and a Democrat state whose offices get raided, wh ...View More

No One is Allowed Inside Obama’s Secret Meetings With Biden

There are some people who think Obama is the secret mastermind behind the Biden administrat ...View More

Video: Ben Shapiro Praises David Horowitz’s New Critically-Acclaimed ‘America Betrayed’

"David's a terrific writer and he does not pull his punches."June 25, 2024 by Frontpage Editors Lea ...View More

A Hamas Mob Roamed an LA Neighborhood Attacking Jews

Some people are calling this a “pogrom”. It was at best a low-level riot against Jews by Is ...View More

“How Could Any Jew Vote for a Democrat?”

Multiple Jewish elected Democrats and Democratic voters told CNN about feeling “politically homeles ...View More

Mass Haj Deaths in Saudi Heat Blamed on “Climate Change”

Over 1,000 Muslims who visited the apartheid state of Saudi Arabia during the Islamic ‘Haj’ ...View More

Climate Cultists on the Loose

[Order David Horowitz’s new book, America Betrayed, HERE.] As far back as the 196 ...View More

Video: Beijing Biden – Exposing Biden’s China Business

[Order the new Freedom Center’s ebook Beijing Biden: The Secret Relationship With China Th ...View More

The Real Gavin Newsom

[Order David Horowitz’s new book, America Betrayed, HERE.] I’ve been appalled by Gavin News ...View More

Why Hamas Supporters are Libeling Israeli Dogs

Leftist pro-terrorist propaganda is usually tethered to at least some kind of reality. When ...View More

Dems Really Can’t Get a Good Trump ‘Stand-In’

Before they go on stage, presidential campaigns have mock debate prep in which someone has  ...View More

Hamas Supporters Protest AOC, Bernie For Not Being Pro-Hamas Enough

One of the ways to tell apart moderates and extremists is checking the brakes. The other is ...View More

Imposing a Permanent Gag Order on Trump

Gag orders, constitutionally dubious, are meant to protect the integrity of a judicial proc ...View More

Mayorkas Claims Global Warming Makes Him Better at Dealing With Crises

FEMA, which has been drained by being redirected to deal with Biden’s open borders invasion ...View More

Biden Has a 12-Year-Old Girl’s Blood on His Hands

The alleged killer "crossed the border illegally less than a month before the shocking murder,"June ...View More

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