Biden's Biggest Donors Are Funding Pro-Hamas Protests on College Campuses

Some of President Biden's big donors are funding pro-Hamas demonstrations on American college campus ...View More

Here It Comes: IDF Starts Rafah Evacuation; UPDATE: Hamas Freezes Talks

Suuuuure looks like the end has come to Israeli patience. After allowing Hamas to manipulate talks f ...View More

Examining How Much Federal Funding Anti-Israel Campuses Are Receiving

The pro-Hamas riots on many campuses are starting to die down (mostly) now that the police were fina ...View More

Avoid UCLA-Educated Doctors--Seriously

Aaron Sibarium is a national treasure. So much so that back in February, I wrote one of my "Things I ...View More

Will SCOTUS Split the Immunity Baby?

Adam Baldwin thinks so, after listening to oral arguments at the Supreme Court. Aaron Walker thinks  ...View More

CNN's Own Poll Finds Few Believe Trump Is Being Treated the Same As Other Defendants

Reporters at most of the cable news networks have been unable to contain their giddiness over Donald ...View More

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