Sons Of Liberty  

The Truth About Ron DeSantis Exposed (Video)

Don't forget to like on Facebook and Twitter.The opinions expressed in eac ...View More

Is The Bible Compatible With Common Law? With Dave Jose (Video)

The Sons of Liberty is a politically neutral organization. We believe that the Judeo-Christian ethic ...View More

The Boston Brahmins, WASPs, & Nazis: The Pursuit of Eugenics

Eugenics has been alive and well in the world for a very long time, and yes, it’s been alive and wel ...View More

The Price Paid For Your Freedoms: The Way To Say ‘Thank You’ For Their Sacrifice… (Short Video)

“Before complaining about getting up at 8:30 in the morning to go to work or to school, do consider ...View More

Memorial Day in a Time of Crisis

As we remember those who died to defend freedom, we are close to losing it. This is an unusual Mem ...View More

How Not to Fight Crime

New York City shows what happens when consequences are replaced with social services. “I will not  ...View More

Political Persecution: How the US Govt. Is Silencing the “Domestic Terrorists” of the Opposition

If I wrote that we’re living in a world that bears an ever-increasing similarity to Communist regime ...View More

INSIDE LOOK: Photos From Inside ROW NYC Hotel Housing Up to 5,000 Illegal Immigrants in NYC

One only has to look to history to see the fatal course America has taken under the Democrats, the  ...View More

Utility Groups Warn Supply Chain Crisis “Threatens Both The National Security & Economic Outlook”

Yes, the supply chain is very important, but at that same time, the people need to realize that ther ...View More

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