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1,000-Year-Old ‘Naked Man Festival’ Comes To An End

The 1,000-year-old Somin-sai Festival, commonly referred to as the “Naked Man Festival,” came to  ...View More

REPORT: Israeli Forces Arrest Eight United Nations Employees For Alleged Terror Ties

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have arrested at least eight United Nations employees over their  ...View More

EXCLUSIVE: Jim Banks Demands DOJ Investigate Midwest Nonprofit Linked To Chinese Communist Influence Network

Indiana Republican Rep. Jim Banks urged the Biden administration to probe a Midwestern nonprofit wit ...View More

US Gov’t Spent Millions Training Palestinian Security Group That Allegedly Harbors Anti-Israel Terrorists

Dozens of members of the State Department-funded Palestinian Authority security forces have reported ...View More

Supporters Say Passing Ukraine Aid Could Turn The Tide Of War. But Is That True?

Ukraine’s latest battlefield setback has become fodder for aid proponents to argue that Congress’ de ...View More

Iran Sending Powerful Missiles To Russia After Biden Admin Let Sanctions Expire: REPORT

Iran is sending powerful missiles to Russia after the Biden administration and members of the United ...View More

‘Bring Down Hamas’: Gazans Reportedly Rally Against Hamas Rule

An anti-Hamas telegram channel shared three videos Monday that showed Gazans protesting against the  ...View More

Houthis Hit Ship Carrying Aid To Yemen, US Military Says

The Houthi terrorists in Yemen attacked a U.S.-flagged ship carrying humanitarian aid to a Yemeni po ...View More

Divers Recover Bell From USS Jacob Jones Sunk By German U-Boat in World War I

A crew of British military divers recovered a bell belonging to the USS Jacob Jones (DD-61), the fir ...View More

‘On The Edge Of What Is Bearable’: Why Are European Farmers Protesting?

European farmers across the continent have protested against national governments and the European U ...View More

Is The US Running Out Of Tomahawk Missiles?

The U.S. is running low on a critical munition used in multiple theaters, experts told the Daily Cal ...View More

REPORT: Faulty GPS Foiled Hamas Plan To Take Over Israeli Prison On Oct. 7

Hamas planned to storm Shikma prison in the Israeli city of Ashkelon and release the Palestinian  ...View More

Hospital Trust Reportedly Says Trans ‘Chestfeeding’ Is ‘Comparable’ To Women’s Breast Milk

A hospital trust reportedly said breast milk produced by people born male who identify as transgende ...View More

Biden Admin Mulling Sending Longer-Range Missiles To Ukraine: REPORT

The Biden administration is considering sending longer-range missiles to Ukraine that would allow it ...View More

Pilot Claims He Saw UFO Twice The Size Of A City Before It Vanished

Captain Arturo Saucedo told podcasters in February that he once saw a UFO “twice the size of a ci ...View More

Alexei Navalny’s Body Located, Found To Be Bruised: Report

Two days after his death in a nearby prison, authorities discovered the bruised body of Russian oppo ...View More

Israel Behind Iranian Gas Pipeline Explosion, Officials Claim

Israel was behind explosions that rocked two Iranian natural-gas pipelines earlier this week, offici ...View More

Human Foot Turned Up In Recycling Plant

Employees at the CETT recycling center in Belgium found a human foot Wednesday while sorting wast ...View More

Some International Aid Agency Employees Were Involved In Kidnapping Operations During Oct 7 Massacre, Israel Says

The State of Israel reportedly released information on 12 international aid agency employees Friday  ...View More

Hamas Commander Who Held Murdered Hostage In A Hospital Was Killed, IDF Says

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced that a senior Hamas military commander who held a hostage  ...View More

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