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‘Sherri’ Executive Found Dead of Apparent Suicide Amid Launched Probe Into Missing Cash, Unpaid Rent

An executive associated with the daytime talk show Sherri, which took over many FOX stations from Th ...View More

Biden-Appointed Judge Tosses Climate Lawsuit Against Gas Stoves

A class-action lawsuit filed by a California resident against a major appliance manufacturer over th ...View More

Report: Mehdi Hasan Set To Join The Guardian After Sudden Departure From MSNBC

Former MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan is set to join The Guardian, following his unexpected exit from MSNBC. ...View More

Lawsuit Claims Jeffrey Epstein Used Victim’s Cancer-Stricken Mom as Leverage To Keep Abusing Her

Jeffrey Epstein exploited the cancer diagnosis of a victim’s mother, using it as leverage to sexuall ...View More

Chicago Mayor Johnson Abruptly Ends Meeting With Top Newspaper After Refusing to Speak on the Record

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson abruptly terminated a meeting with a leading city newspaper, the Chica ...View More

High School Girl’s Basketball Team Forfeits Match After ‘Trans’ Male Athlete Allegedly Injures Female Player

The wisdom of allowing biological males who identify as women to compete against biological women co ...View More

Trans Muslim Serving 55 Years For Slaying Infant Files $150K Lawsuit For Not Being Permitted To Wear Hijab

The Branchville Correctional Facility in Indiana, a Department of Correction State Prison for men, r ...View More

Supreme Court Upholds Sanctions Against Pro-Trump Lawyers Sidney Powell, Lin Wood in 2020 Election Case

On Tuesday, The U.S. Supreme Court refused to lift sanctions against a group of pro-Trump lawyers, i ...View More

Child Removed From Home for Improper Pronoun Usage. Parents Have a Message for the Rest of the Country.

A Catholic couple in Indiana are seeking support from the Supreme Court in hopes that they will hold ...View More

Texas Teacher Dies After Suffering Serious Head Injuries During ‘Interaction’ With Student

Over the weekend, a teacher’s assistant at a Texas high school passed away, 10 days after what the s ...View More

Massachusetts School Committee Calls For National Guard To End Students’ Unruly Behavior: ‘We Are In Chaos’

Many link soft-on-crime policies and a climate that discourages in-class discipline to the chaos bei ...View More

Watch: Migrants Attack Police at Randall’s Island Shelter

Illegal immigrants in New York, a sanctuary state, continue to make headlines by perpetrating crimes ...View More

Autoworkers Worried Biden’s Electric Vehicle Push Could Kill ‘Thousands of Jobs’

Michigan autoworkers are worried that President Joe Biden’s policies pushing for a transition to ele ...View More

Mother-of-Two Reveals Exact Moment She Knew Her Cop Husband Was Dead in Minnesota Shooting

The wife of one of the three first responders killed by a Minnesota gunman during a multi-hour armed ...View More

Mexican Shootout Near Texas Border Causes At Least 12 Deaths

Violence erupted again near the southern border—this time at least a dozen people were gunned down i ...View More

The Soros Empire Is Expanding Its Reach Into Media With Latest Radio Acquisition

Earlier this month, an investment firm founded by George Soros acquired upwards of $400 million in d ...View More

FBI Warns of ‘Widespread’ QR Code Scams Cybercriminals Use To Steal Your Money

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has recently highlighted a significant rise in QR code sca ...View More

Bill Maher Axes Two-Hour Episode With Kanye West, Calls Him a ‘Very Charming Anti-Semite’

Talk show host Bill Maher said he canceled a two hour episode with Kanye “Ye” West, who he referred  ...View More

Server Who Received $10K Tip Fired — Owners Say It Has Nothing to Do With Viral Gesture

A waitress from Michigan, Linsey Boyd, found herself unemployed shortly after receiving a $10,000 ti ...View More

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