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Married pilot snorts cocaine off topless woman in booze-fueled romp before flight: report

A British Airways pilot was suspended and eventually fired after he was reported for drinking and us ...View More

Acting Spanish PM gets second chance at power as conservatives struggle to set up new government

Spain’s acting center-left Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez lost July’s national election but now has a  ...View More

Eswatini, one of the world's last monarchies, holds largely ceremonial elections

Eswatini, one of the last remaining absolute monarchies in the world, held its parliamentary electio ...View More

Nighttime shooting attack at Mexican hospital leaves 4 dead, including doctor

A nighttime shooting attack on a hospital in northern Mexico has left four people dead, including a  ...View More

Taliban government to cease operations at Afghan Embassy in India's capital

India’s External Affairs Ministry is examining a letter from the Afghan Embassy that says it plans t ...View More

Liverpool-area bus wreck kills driver, 14-year-old girl

A bus carrying dozens of schoolchildren overturned on a highway near the English city of Liverpool o ...View More

As Paris Olympics approach, French authorities launch efforts to eradicate bedbugs

With the Paris Olympics less than a year away, French authorities want to make sure the bedbugs don' ...View More

Islamic extremist attack in western Niger kills nearly a dozen soldiers amidst worsening security landscape

A violent assault, masterminded by Islamic extremists in western Niger, resulted in the tragic loss  ...View More

Central Greece battles aftermath of twin storms: Flooding, infrastructure damage, and environmental concerns

Bad weather eased in central Greece on Friday leaving widespread flooding and infrastructure damage  ...View More

Putin selects former Prigozhin aide to train Ukrainian volunteers

Russian President Vladimir Putin has selected a former Wagner Group aide to coordinate volunteer sol ...View More

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to undergo hip replacement surgery

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is scheduled to undergo hip replacement surgery Friday ...View More

Algeria expands English classes as France’s influence wanes throughout Africa

More than a year after Algeria launched a pilot program to teach English in elementary schools, the  ...View More

186,000 migrants, refugees have arrived in southern Europe in 2023, UN says

According to the United Nations, about 186,000 migrants or refugees arrived in Southern Europe in 20 ...View More

Over 70% of population in Nagorno-Karabakh flees as separatist country reintegrates with Azerbaijan

Separatist country Nagorno-Karabakh is planning to reintegrate back into Azerbaijan following three  ...View More

Bombing in Pakistan kills dozens at Muslim celebration

A powerful bomb detonated near a mosque at an event celebrating the birthday of the Islamic Prophet  ...View More

Russia's turn to North Korea for much-needed ammo a 'last resort' in Ukraine conflict: 'Hitting the dregs'

North Korea’s potential partnership with Russia, which would see the country supply Moscow with much ...View More

Food delivery driver's personal grudge cited as motive in shooting outside US Embassy in Beirut

Lebanese police said Thursday that a food delivery driver who opened fire outside the U.S. Embassy i ...View More

Car bomb kills 6, wounds 14 at Somali meat market

A car bombing struck a meat market in central Somalia on Thursday, killing six people and wounding 1 ...View More

South African poultry producer culls 410,000 chickens amid avian flu outbreak, fears of shortages loom

South Africa's RCL Foods said on Thursday its poultry unit Rainbow has culled 410,000 chickens due t ...View More

Iran's Defense Ministry car battery factory hit by second fire in 1 week

A fire broke out Thursday at a car battery factory owned by Iran's Defense Ministry for the second t ...View More

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