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From Plummeting Test Scores to Woke Curriculums, Ben Carson Addresses America’s ‘Crisis in Classroom’

There’s a “crisis in the classroom,” and American children are paying the price, say Armstrong Willi ...View More

Elon Musk Exposes the Inside Story of Twitter’s Crackdown on Hunter Biden’s Laptop

After Twitter CEO Elon Musk teased a massive reveal on Friday afternoon, journalist Matt Taibbi rele ...View More

Twitter Execs Didn’t Have a Good Explanation for Censoring Hunter Biden’s Laptop, New Emails Reveal

After Twitter CEO Elon Musk teased a massive reveal Friday afternoon, journalist Matt Taibbi release ...View More

Elon Musk Should Tell EU Censors to Get Lost

If Elon Musk truly believes that Twitter is a front in the “battle for the future of civilization,”  ...View More

5 Things Democrats Want to Ram Through Congress in Lame-Duck Session

Democrats are in a mad scramble to push through unpopular legislation before the clock strikes midni ...View More

Returning to Pre-Trump ‘Dead Consensus’ GOP Would Be Big Mistake

In the aftermath of the Republican Party’s recent midterm elections debacle, Right-liberal sharks ar ...View More

If You Really Wanted to Destroy US, You’d Do These 10 Things

First, you would surrender our prior energy independence. Reduce new gas and oil leases on federa ...View More

Amid Rise in Number of Gender-Confused Children in Maryland Schools, Parents Need Bill of Rights

If Maryland parents and lawmakers don’t act now, special-interest groups and radical gender activist ...View More

Lila Rose Shares Why Abortion Supporters Want a Culture of Consequence-Free Sex

Live Action Founder and President Lila Rose started her undercover work as a teenager, posing as an  ...View More

What George Will and Karl Rove Get Wrong About Populist Conservatism

Are modern conservatives just unthinking rubes who want to be angry? That was the tenor of a disc ...View More

Democrats’ ‘Jim Crow 2.0’ Myth Debunked Again as Early Voting in Georgia Runoff Tops 1 Million

For James Newton, an African American voter in Atlanta, early voting is a tough sell.  &nb ...View More

China Is Abusing Apple. So, Why Is the Left More Worried About Musk’s Twitter?

This week, the Chinese government activated its vast censorship apparatus to prevent dissemination o ...View More

‘I Don’t Trust BlackRock’s Ability to Deliver’: Florida’s CFO to Divest $2B in Investments

Another state on Thursday announced that it would begin divesting its assets currently managed by in ...View More

Republicans Off to Rocky Start as Wasteful Washington Spending Makes a Comeback

“Everyone knew that wasteful Washington spending would spur inflation.” —House GOP Commitment t ...View More

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