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How Childhood Experiences and Beliefs Can Shape Gender Identity

Children now are inundated from a young age with messages about sexuality and gender, the founders o ...View More

With GOP Support, House Takes First Big Step to Curb Power of Big Tech

One of the first skirmishes in the fight against Big Tech occurred last week in the House of Represe ...View More

The Thinnest Veneer of Civilization

Civilization is fragile. It hinges on ensuring the stuff of life.To be able to eat, to move about, t ...View More

California Governor Awards Himself Custody of Children With Gender Dysphoria, Pro-Family Group Says

Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, has signed into law a bill making California a sanctuary for children ...View More

Kamala Harris Remains True to Doctrine of Unequal Treatment

How is it that equity, a doctrine that tells government and the private sector to treat Americans di ...View More

Will Conservative Momentum at Supreme Court Continue This Term?

The Supreme Court begins hearing cases for its new term Monday, following its customary summer reces ...View More

Fact Check: What Politico, FEMA Chief Got Wrong as Florida’s DeSantis Prepared for Hurricane Ian 

Politico this week inaccurately reported remarks by FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell about Florida ...View More

40 Years Later, the Left Goes to Court in Dubious Bid to Resurrect, Ratify Bygone ERA

Under Article V of the Constitution, two-thirds of Congress can propose constitutional amendments an ...View More

How 1 Small European Study Changed Transgender Medicine in US

What is the basis for the current aggressive transgender treatment for kids? Dr. Miriam Grossman, a  ...View More

6 States Sue to Block Biden’s Student Loan ‘Forgiveness’ Scheme

Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, and South Carolina sued the Biden administration Thursda ...View More

DC Council Bill Would Permit Noncitizen Voting in City Elections

The D.C. Council’s Judiciary and Public Safety Committee has approved a bill that would al ...View More

Arizona School Choice Foes’ Likely Failed Referendum Bid Stalls Law’s Implementation

A teachers union-backed interest group in Arizona is attempting to block a state education choice me ...View More

Oklahoma Not OK With Hospital Experimentation on Children

When Oklahoma leaders descended on the state Capitol Wednesday morning, there were plenty of things  ...View More

CBS Is Not ‘Going Rogue’ on Jan. 6

The partisans running the House Jan. 6 committee would like you to believe there’s a controversy ove ...View More

Lia Thomas Competitor Teams Up With Rand Paul to Protect Women’s Sports From Transgender Activism

Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is teaming up with a young woman who competed against Lia Thomas, ...View More

The Breakdown of the Social Contract

Why is there so much division in America, and how is our society breaking down? R.R. Reno, edito ...View More

How Men Can Play Irreplaceable Role in Creating Culture of Life

Herbie Newell and his staff at Lifeline Children’s Services journey with many women through unplanne ...View More

New York Times Admits That Hundreds of ‘Top Surgeries’ Are Being Performed on Children

The legacy media has changed its mind. We are now informed that life-changing transgender surgeries  ...View More

Who Decides What Children Read? Authoritarians Slander Parent Groups as ‘Book Banners’

In a country that protects and praises personal liberty, few charges are more loaded than to call pe ...View More

3 Seas Initiative Should Be America’s Transatlantic Partnership for Economic Freedom, Not Woke Agenda

Russia’s war on Ukraine makes the effort known as the Three Seas Initiative “even more urgent,” U.S. ...View More

Rep. Jim Jordan: FBI Arrest of Pro-Life Father ‘Consistent’ With DOJ Corruption

Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan weighed in Tuesday on the FBI’s arrest of a pro-life father of seven ...View More

Pro-Life Father Arrested by FBI Pleads Not Guilty

Mark Houck, a pro-life, Catholic activist arrested last week by the FBI, plead not guilty to federal ...View More

Contract With America: The Sequel

House Republican leaders have announced a plan they are calling a “Commitment to America” in time fo ...View More

Growing Up in Foster Care, Tori Hope Petersen Just Wanted the World to Know She Was ‘Not a Bad Kid’

Tori Hope Petersen lived in 12 foster homes before she aged out of the system at 18. As a child, Pet ...View More

After Being Canceled, She Pivoted to Journalism

Can artistic expression thrive under heavy-handed ideology? That’s the challenge facing artists,  ...View More

Mastriano: Biden DOJ ‘Trying to Intimidate’ Conservatives Through Arrest of Catholic, Pro-Life Father

Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate and state Sen. Doug Mastriano warned Monday that President Joe  ...View More

Biden USAID’s Radical Gender Policy Is Exporting Cultural Colonialism

The leftist ideologues at the Biden administration’s foreign-aid agency have just drafted a new poli ...View More

11 More Cases of Defensive Gun Use Show Second Amendment Isn’t About Deer in Kevlar Vests

President Joe Biden’s most recent speech on gun control showed, once again, that he has little respe ...View More

Jesse Wiese Found God While in Prison. Now He’s Helping Others Become Better Citizens.

Jesse Wiese knows from firsthand experience what life is like behind bars—and what it takes to reent ...View More

FBI Agents Raid Home, Arrest Pro-Life Advocate in Front of Wife and Children 

Mark Houck, a pro-life advocate and father of seven, woke up Friday morning to a team of FBI agents  ...View More

The Center for Energy, Climate, and Environment Briefings: What You Need to Know About Gas Prices

High gas and diesel prices have taken their toll on Americans. And despite Biden administration clai ...View More

The Wrong Way to Respond to High Gas Prices: From Federal Gas Tax Holidays to Price Gouging Claims

The federal government’s most sensible response to the high gasoline prices we are now experiencing  ...View More

What Goes Into Gas Prices at the Pump: Lessons From Across the Oil Supply Chain

When gas prices are high, as they are right now, some policymakers will offer up myths, like price g ...View More

Fentanyl: Too Dangerous to Trust Moscow With, but You Can Score Some in Middle School

The Commerce Department announced last week that from now on, the chemicals needed to make fentanyl  ...View More

Arizona Points the Way to Greater Education Freedom, Governor Says

It’s vitally important for America that states up their game in public education, Arizona Gov. Doug  ...View More

Martha’s Meltdown Model

Martha’s Vineyard has been all over the news.The tony resort community so loves aiding and comfortin ...View More

In Pennsylvania, Cleaner Elections Hinge on 3 Court Cases

Litigation in Pennsylvania could change election procedures in one of the most closely watched battl ...View More

Rep. Trent Kelly Explains Threat China Poses to America

What kind of threat does China really pose to America? And is America ready to face that threat?&nbs ...View More

Actually, America Is Too a Christian Nation

To say the founding of the United States reflects biblical Christianity is to state the obvious.  ...View More

Here’s Why Thousands of Pennsylvanians Are Still Marching for Life

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The Daily Signal joined around 5,000 pro-life activists gathered in Pennsylvania o ...View More

To Corporate Media, Some Criminals and Victims Are More Equal Than Others

It’s been said that paranoia isn’t pretty. That much is clear from a fatal hit-and-run in the ear ...View More

Border Towns, Martha’s Vineyard, and the Reality of Illegal Immigration

“We don’t have the services to take care of 50 immigrants, and we certainly don’t have housing.”  ...View More

Conservatives Gain Ground With Latino Voters. How Can Those Gains Be Made to Stick?

Latinos are becoming an increasingly important part of building a coalition. Shifts in allegiance in ...View More

In Discussing Reparations, Honest History of Slavery Makes the Left Uncomfortable

The Left loves to promote “reparations”—but only up until the point where history and truth run coun ...View More

Justice Department Harasses Citizens for Exercising First Amendment Rights

The Justice Department has hit Eagle Forum of Alabama with a voluminous subpoena that violates the o ...View More

Catholic Cardinal Prepares for Trial in Hong Kong, and World Takes Notice

The much-anticipated trial of Cardinal Joseph Zen, a widely respected senior Catholic clergyman in H ...View More

Judge Strikes Down Federal School Mask, Vaccine Mandate

A federal judge in Louisiana has struck down a government mandate that required Head Start program s ...View More

Democrats Use Pro-Abortion Attacks Against GOP Candidate, Even as She Goes Into Labor

Democrats combating Republican Ohio congressional candidate Madison Gesiotto Gilbert have not shied  ...View More

‘They Want You to Apologize Because They Want Dominion Over You,’ Says Adam Carolla

Performers censor themselves, fearing they might offend. Those who offend Hollywood lose work. Some  ...View More

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