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Senate Immigration Deal Would Allow Nearly 2 Million Illegal Border Crossings, Documents Show

Senate negotiators on Wednesday reached a preliminary agreement on a border security bill that would ...View More

Another Dumb Anti-Trump Outrage

Once again, America's journalists are outraged at Donald Trump for saying something a normal politic ...View More

January 6: An Anniversary Worth Celebrating

A day that should live in dignity (Getty Images)  ...View More

A Race to the Bottom in Ben Cardin's Office

When Ben Cardin announced his impending retirement from the Senate in May, the Maryland Democrat exp ...View More

Is More Democracy Always Better?

Tyranny of the Minority is a sequel to Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt's popular How Democracies  ...View More

DeSantis v. Newsom: A Shadow Presidential Debate

Florida governor Ron DeSantis (R.) launched Thursday's Fox News debate with California governor Gavi ...View More

In Pennsylvania, Dave McCormick Takes on 'the Most Inconsequential Senator'

Friday, Oct. 27, was a picture-perfect fall day in Squirrel Hill, Pa. Over a thousand mourners gathe ...View More

Issa Slams Unprecedented Anti-Semitism in Democratic Party

'You can draw a straight line from the Democrat Party's public hostility  ...View More

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