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'Blood everywhere': Man stabs fellow passenger with makeshift weapon during Alaska Airlines flight because 'mafia' was chasing him

A man aboard a recent Alaska Airlines flight constructed a makeshift weapon to stab a fellow passeng ...View More

Man holds at gunpoint suspected car thief until cops arrive; sources say he chased down suspect

A man chased down a suspected car thief last week in Maui and held her at gunpoint until police arri ...View More

Violent Minnesota felon arrested in brutal murder of Los Angeles model who was found tortured, stuffed inside refrigerator

A Minnesota man — with a lengthy and violent criminal record — has been arrested in connection with  ...View More

Trump's $354M fraud verdict: Election play or justice?

Former President Donald Trump claims to be politically persecuted more than any other former presi ...View More

Alito warns of a ‘virus’ in affirmative action ruling: ‘Wipe it off the books’

The Supreme Court is not supreme over other branches of government, but it most certainly is super ...View More

Finally! Trump confirms list of potential VP candidates

People have been anxiously awaiting Donald Trump’s VP candidate list, and now they finally have th ...View More

Motocross figure Jayden 'Jayo' Archer dies at just 27 while practicing trick: ESPN

Freestyle motocross figure Jayden "Jayo" Archer, the first individual to execute a triple backflip i ...View More

Biden reportedly calls Putin a 'crazy SOB'

President Joe Biden referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a "crazy SOB" while speaking at  ...View More

Republicans urge McConnell to press to ensure the Senate holds Mayorkas impeachment trial

Multiple Republican senators signed onto a letter pressing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to ...View More

Mother of Super Bowl parade shooting suspect started GoFundMe to help her son through 'tragic time'

The mother of one of two suspects in the deadly shooting during the Super Bowl parade in Kansas City ...View More

Homeowner shoots intruder, who quickly flees residence; cops arrest two suspects they say were involved in burglary

A Louisiana homeowner shot an intruder early Tuesday morning, after which the intruder fled the scen ...View More

OpenAI’s Sam Altman: Tech savior or tomorrow's supervillain?

Spend enough time around Silicon Valley these days, and you’ll hear a surprising thing — the V-wor ...View More

Elon Musk suggests tackling fentanyl problem with either 'draconian penalties for fentanyl possession' or legalization

Business magnate Elon Musk has suggested that to tackle the problem of fentanyl deaths, the U.S. sho ...View More

'You are the threat to financial stability': Peter Schiff blasts Sen. Warren as she calls for regulators to kill major merger

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is calling for regulators to put the kibosh on pla ...View More

Beachgoers frantically try to dig out children buried after sand hole collapses in Florida, but 7-year-old girl dies

An 8-year-old boy was hospitalized and a 7-year-old girl died after they were buried under sand at ...View More

Massachusetts is spending $64 daily to feed each migrant: Report

Massachusetts is spending roughly $64 per day to feed each migrant seeking asylum in the "sanctuary" ...View More

NYC Amazon driver: 'Cops arrested me after I defended myself from 'pervert' migrant running at me, trying to steal from my van'

An Amazon delivery driver in New York City said police arrested him after he defended himself from a ...View More

Why Trump’s civil fraud charges should horrify every business

Former president Donald Trump has been convicted of fraud in New York and is facing a $355 million ...View More

Unruly migrants at Randall's Island shelter attack NYPD officers attempting to make an arrest: Video

A mob of unruly illegal migrants at a New York City migrant shelter attacked New York Police Departm ...View More

Blood clots, neurological disorders, and swollen hearts: Multinational study on COVID vaccines paints a damning picture

Those skeptical of the assertion that COVID-19 vaccines were altogether safe and effective — a c ...View More

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