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WATCH: President Trump Promises To Commute Sentence Of Silk Road Creator

President Trump just pledged to commute the sentence of Ross Ulbricht. Ulbricht founded ‘Silk Road’, ...View More

Libertarian National Convention: Libertarians Clash with MAGA

Okay folks. So, it seems like there’s feathers being ruffled over at the Libertarian National C ...View More

Disney Legend: Richard Sherman, Songwriter of ‘Mary Poppins’ and More, Dies at 95

Richard Sherman. You may not know his name, or his brother Robert, but you know their songs. Oh yes, ...View More

Pastor At Trump Rally Calls AOC A False Prophet

President Trump invited Rev. Ruben Diaz Sr. to the stage during his most recent rally in the Bronx,  ...View More

Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan) Preparing For “Things To Go Terribly Wrong”

Jamie Dimon is back in the news today, admitting he is preparing for basically every bad scenario un ...View More

Have You Heard About “Ruminant Meats”? Read This!

Have you heard of “Ruminant Meats”? I like to think I stay up on things, but that was a new term for ...View More

Multiple U.S. Troops Reportedly Sustain Injuries Working On Gaza Pier

Three U.S. service members sustained non-combat related injuries while working on the Gaza pier miss ...View More

AOC’s Tweet Praising the Lord For Bad Weather At Trump Rally BACKFIRES Tremendously

Before President Trump’s rally in the Bronx yesterday, AOC took to X/Twitter to praise the Lord for  ...View More

Jamie Dimon AGAIN Says He Is Preparing For Recession and “Hard Landing” (PLUS: What You Can Do To Prepare)

No, I am not just publishing the same article again, although it might feel like it. After all, I di ...View More

Schumer’s Border Bill Fails Again: Loses More Support

Alright, here’s the scoop. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer took another swing at passing his so ...View More

Judge Merchan Rejects Trump’s Request to Sanction Prosecutors

Manhattan prosecutors just got a free pass from the judge. On Thursday, Judge Juan Merchan decided t ...View More

REVEALED: Joe Biden’s Unprecedented Debate Demands Against Trump

Does anyone else believe Joe Biden debating sounds a little too good to be true? I mean, he can bare ...View More

Missouri MAGA Candidate Has The Best Campaign Slogan You’ve Ever Heard

Meet Valentina Gomez. She is America First. She is MAGA. And she’s an all around badass. Oh, and she ...View More

Trump Ally Sen. Rick Scott CHALLENGES RINOS, Officially Joins GOP Leader Race

Senator Rick Scott of Florida — a close ally of President Trump — has just officially entered the ra ...View More

Huge Trump Mugshot Banner Spotted At Yankee Stadium

A Trump supporter unfurled a massive mugshot of Trump during the New York Yankees’ most recent home  ...View More

Federal Investigation Launched Against Small Town That Rejected Electronic Voting

It looks like the small town of Thornapple, Wisconsin found a way to get federal attention. Her ...View More

O’Keefe: Air Force DEI Conspiracy Exposed

Alright, folks, buckle up for some more insider investigation from O’Keefe Media Group. Jake Reyna,  ...View More

Flying Time Bombs: Nearly 300 BOEING Jets Could EXPLODE

What’s a week without bad Boeing news? This time it turns out nearly 300 of their airliners are pote ...View More

President Trump Does It Again: “We’re having a little 4-year Pause…”

Friendly reminder….I don’t make the news, I just report it! And what President Trump keeps putting i ...View More

Let’s Talk About King Charles’ Demonic New “Royal Portrait”

I’ve put this off for a few days, but I’m now ready to dig in… Let’s officially talk about King Saus ...View More

Middle School Principal Censors Student Patriotic Speech

It’s scary to think that some people in charge of running a school believe they are above the consti ...View More

FACT-CHECKED: Did Ron DeSantis Know About The Mar-A-Lago Raid Ahead Of Time?

It’s not inconceivable that Ron DeSantis would have been tipped off about the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-La ...View More

Airline BLAMES Little Girl Secretly Filmed In Bathroom, She ‘Should’ve Known’

America Airlines is really sinking to a new low. In the midst of lawsuits after a flight attendant a ...View More

European Country Reportedly Downgrades Child Pornography Possession From Felony To Misdemeanor

The German Parliament reportedly passed a bill that downgrades possession of child pornography from  ...View More

NEW SCAM: Staged Crime, Fake Robberies, FREE Visa

Alright, listen up, gang. There’s a new scam that illegal immigrants are using to gain a visa. It’s  ...View More

Border Rush: Illegals Crossing Surge For FEAR Trump Will Win

It appears that illegal immigrants are paying attention to the news. They’re now rushing to the ...View More

Rage Rituals: Viral Video Shows Liberal Women Screaming in the Forest

Regret and grieving comes out in unexpected ways. While at first glance, seeing these women screamin ...View More

MIT Under Fire: Discriminating Practices Brought to Light

Okay folks, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology finds itself in the hot seat again. This time  ...View More

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