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‘Explosively High’ Numbers: Musk, Others Call Out Biden Border Crisis

With Border Patrol encountering 10,000 or more illegal migrants every single day, Elon Musk and othe ...View More

Georgia Senate GOP Suspends Rogue Member for Attacking Fellow Party Members

There’s nothing wrong with disagreements between members of the same political party, and sometimes  ...View More

Democrat Pulls Capitol Hill Fire Alarm Amid Shutdown Talks

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) pulled a fire alarm in the Cannon House office building amidst efforts t ...View More

WATCH: Chris Christie Concedes on MSNBC That His #1 ‘Job’ Is Attacking Trump For the Democrats

This fraud is not running for anything. One might be forgiven for assuming the reason a presidential ...View More

'Fat Bear Week' in Alaska Under Threat If the Government Shuts Down

If the government shuts down at 12:01 a.m. Eastern time on Sunday morning, many, many government ope ...View More

No, the October 4 FEMA Alert Will Not Activate Chemicals in Your Body

On Wednesday, October 4, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will activate a nationwide alert to ...View More

McCarthy Will Offer a 'Clean' Stopgap Funding Bill in Bid to Keep His Job

By this time next week, it’s likely that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) will be out of his  ...View More

There’s Only One Reason Why Donald Trump Turned on Nikki Haley

From the beginning of her candidacy, I’ve always seen Nikki Haley’s entry into the 2024 GOP primary  ...View More

CFP Delays Further Changes to 12-Team Playoff Format After the Pac-12 Falls Apart

I’ve written quite a bit lately about the changes that are happening in college athletics. The trans ...View More

IRS Contractor Charged With Stealing Trump's Tax Returns and Leaking Them to the Press

Have no fear, America. Your tax return information is safe and secure. IRS computers are better prot ...View More

Dance, Shimmy, and Gesticulate: Democrats Fight for the Right to Be Perverts

For some inexplicable reason, the same people who like on-demand abortion hate laws intended to prot ...View More

The City Under the Capitol

More foreign influence peddling is alleged to be ocurring  in Washington DC. Anne Applebaum wri ...View More

Update on the Rangely, Colorado, School Gender Questions

Earlier this past week, I told you about a situation unfolding in the tiny town of Rangely, Colorado ...View More

AG Paxton Sues Yelp for Discriminating Against Pro-Life Centers

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing Yelp for alleged discrimination against pro-life crisis p ...View More

Beyond the Pale: Washington State Plans to Remove Community Notifications and Restrictions for Sex Offenders

As I have written before, as a reporter, I covered sexual abuse cases that would freeze your blood a ...View More

Georgia RINOS Gore Moore for Trying to Do the Right Thing

There’s an expression that says, “There’s no honor among thieves.” While that may be true, the Democ ...View More

BREAKING: RFK Jr. to Run as an Independent

It is finally really happening, it seems. The Democrats have dug their own grave by forcing the only ...View More

RFK Jr. to Run as an Independent

It is finally really happening, it seems. The Democrats have dug their own grave by forcing the only ...View More

How Long Until Retiring Gen. Mark Milley Is on the Board of Raytheon or Boeing?

Earlier today, Biden’s handlers injected their puppet with whatever pharmaceutical concoction gets h ...View More

This May Prove the $260K Wires From China Were for Joe Biden

As PJ Media reported earlier this week, subpoenaed bank records show that Hunter Biden received wire ...View More

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