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Teamsters Make First Donation to Republicans Since 2004

One of the most powerful labor unions in the country just sent a message to its 1.3 million members  ...View More

Biden Compares Republicans in Congress to Notorious Segregationist Strom Thurmond

Joe Biden went off on a tirade against Republicans at a fundraiser on Wednesday night, giving his we ...View More

Womens' Rights! New York County First to Ban Boys From Girls' Sports

Effective immediately, boys are no longer permitted to play girls' sports in New York's Nassau Count ...View More

That Time Judge Engoron Pulled a Fani Willis

Let me pour you some piping hot tea to start your day. The most fascinating little news report has j ...View More

Here's How Much Mass. Spends EACH DAY on Meals for Illegals

Massachusetts is spending huge amounts of taxpayer dollars feeding and caring for illegal migrants.  ...View More

Congressmen Bash Google AI for Refusing Image of Tiananmen Square

Tech enthusiasts who treat artificial intelligence (AI) as a sort of sentient being or demi-god alwa ...View More

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Resurrects Russiagate Corpse, Claims Putin Has Financial Blackmail on Trump

For lack of creativity, Nancy Pelosi has returned once more to the dry well that is the #Russiagate  ...View More

Experts, Politicians Cite Dangers of Feds’ Planned Digital Currency

As the Biden administration continues to plan for a central bank digital currency (CBDC), it is impo ...View More

Letitia James Threatens to Take Trump's NY Buildings If He Doesn't Pay Absurd $350M Fine

New York Attorney General Letitia James is absolutely determined to make it clear her fraud case aga ...View More

House Democrat Floats a 'Mike Johnson Protection Plan' to Keep Him in the Speaker's Chair

A moderate Democrat in the House is floating a rule change designed to protect Speaker of the House  ...View More

Now We Know Who Convinced Joe Biden to Seek Reelection

It was widely expected that Joe Biden wouldn't serve out a full term as president. Even in 2020, his ...View More

John Oliver Offers Bribe to Clarence Thomas to Ditch SCOTUS

John Oliver, a late-night talk show host for HBO, is now being accused online of trying to bribe Sup ...View More

Biden's LNG Export Ban Favors Russia and Is Bad For the Environment

Joe Biden is giving himself whiplash on energy policy. Biden's slavish devotion to the green lo ...View More

Harvard University Faculty, Staff, and Students Share Antisemitic Cartoon

Harvard University is conducting an investigation after faculty, staff, and student organizations sh ...View More

Is Nikki Haley About to Drop Out?

Nikki Haley has yet to win a primary contest and is so far behind Donald Trump in the polls that it  ...View More

Nate Silver's Assessment of the Biden Campaign Is Brutal

Famed pollster and statistician Nate Silver says that Joe Biden was "a reasonably clear favorite in  ...View More

The Morning Briefing: War on Women — Woke Medical Charlatans and Man Boob Milk Fantasies

Top O' the BriefingHappy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Konklabern would often dred ...View More

R.I. Teacher Warns That DHS-Funded 'Media Literacy' Program Will 'Indoctrinate Children'

Say what you will about the evil progressives who are destroying this country, but you cannot deny t ...View More

From Fani's Cash Stash to Gangland Attorneys: What's Up With Fulton County's Justice System?

The justice system in Fulton County, Ga., has been a focus in the news cycle lately. District Attorn ...View More

CNN Legal Analyst Admits Joe Biden Broke the Law

Biden's most loyal defenders in the media are having a harder time making excuses for him. Not that  ...View More

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