Bearing Arms  

Colorado gun control goes into effect Sunday, lawsuit to follow

I remember when Colorado was a pretty gun-friendly state. That’s ancient history now, I’m afraid. No ...View More

We’re all ambassadors to the Second Amendment and must remember the butterfly effect

The other day I got a text message from my friend Jimmy. “Do you know the opening line to ‘Sweet Ca ...View More

Federal judge says candidate's gun raffle likely protected speech

The federal lawsuit filed by Illinois resident and school superintendent candidate Elizabeth Caparel ...View More

Law enforcement officials displeased with new CA gun control

When pushing gun control, anti-Second Amendment types will always be sure to find the odd law enforc ...View More

DoD rejects age restrictions, waiting periods, and bans but won't rule out gun control as suicide prevention "tool"

In a surprising move, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has announced that the Pentagon will not&n ...View More

People celebrating CT's new gun laws should hold up a sec

The state of Connecticut being supportive of gun laws is hardly a shocking revelation to anyone. New ...View More

House bill would yank funding from states that pull a Grisham

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham isn’t in Congress, but she’s been responsible (or at least th ...View More

BREAKING: Federal judge issues partial injunction ahead of Maryland's new carry restrictions taking effect

Maryland’s “can’t carry anywhere” legislation will take effect on Sunday, but a federal judge has gr ...View More

Satirical product meant to scare on guns sounds awesome

I’ll never be able to convince myself that there aren’t a lot of people out there who hate guns. Mos ...View More

Texas is Heaven: My takeaways from the Washington Post report on guns in Texas

It’s well-known that Texas has a strong gun culture. I have always been envious of not just that, bu ...View More

Defendant stuck behind bars even though Virginia jury says shooting of YouTube "prankster" was self-defense

When Loudon County, Virginia prosecutors charged a 31-year-old concealed carry holder and DoorDash d ...View More

Good guys with guns stopping mass shootings is no myth

Whenever there is a mass shooting, we often note that if a good guy with a gun had been present, thi ...View More

On racial disparity of shooting victims, too few ask, "Why?"

Violent crime creates too many victims. People from all walks of life could find themselves the targ ...View More

Five simple policy suggestions for lawmakers in Second Amendment friendly states

At Bearing Arms, we have covered the post-Bruen tantrums in detail. The backlash is real and in stat ...View More

Car burglaries illustrate issues with new carry restrictions

In the wake of the Bruen decision, numerous states started passing new concealed carry restrictions. ...View More

Modern-day Minutemen (and women) bring Bruen to Boston

Hundreds of Massachusetts gun owners turned out on the Boston Common on Wednesday to rally in opposi ...View More

Maryland gun owners prepare for new carry restrictions

The state of Maryland, like a lot of other states, seemingly saw the Bruen decision as a mixed bless ...View More

Can California's gun industry survive Newsom's assaults?

The new 11% excise tax on guns and ammo signed into law by California Gov. Gavin Newsom is just the  ...View More

GOA joins lawsuit to overturn CA's latest infringements

The state of California has no respect for the people’s right to keep and bear arms. We know that wi ...View More

Keystone State should be getting semi-auto rifles ‘okayed’ for hunting big game, so what's the hang up?

There’s an interesting thing in Pennsylvania law that’s worth bringing up. A 2016 measure allows the ...View More

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