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Newsweek: Gov. Ron DeSantis Raises Eyebrows With New Bear-Killing Law

What's next for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis? First, he passed a law banning people from saying "gay" i ...View More

Good One: European Heads of State See a ‘World-Historic’ Leader in Biden

Andrew Bates is the senior deputy press secretary, so it's his job to make President Joe Biden look  ...View More

Tom Elliott Presents a Retrospective of CNN Debate Moderator Jake Tapper

Stephen Miller (aka @redsteeze) often points out — and he's right — that Donald Trump agreed to the  ...View More

Total Annihilation: Bill Melugin NUKES NPR 'Reporter' Accusing Him of 'Racist Propaganda'

We don't often turn to cable news for quality or even honest reporting when it comes to major issues ...View More

'They Don't Realize There Are Tapes?' Politico Puts Out 'Laughable Propaganda on Behalf of CNN'

During an interview on CNN today, Trump spokesperson Karoline Leavitt was pointing out past comments ...View More

Kelley Paul Has a Flashback Reminder for CNN Host Troubled by Trump Spox's 'Attack' on Jake Tapper

As we told you earlier, during an interview, CNN's Kasie Hunt cut off Trump spokesperson Karoline Le ...View More

You Don't Hate Journos Enough: New York Magazine Celebrates Aaron Bushnell as 'Antiwar Martyr'

If you're like us, you've probably already cast the name Aaron Bushnell onto the ash heap of history ...View More

Bloomberg Columnist Was Wrong About Thinking Biden Couldn't Bring Down Crime Rates

Remember, after the election when President Joe Biden did all he could to end America's energy indep ...View More

You Don't Despise the Media Enough: AP LGBTQ+ Librarians Are Under Attack, Just Like Books

The media have a very clear agenda, and since it's June -- and therefore Pride Month -- they're goin ...View More

Daily Mail Exposes Sag Harbor Cop Who Reminds Wealthy Residents Like Timberlake They're Not Above the Law

Earlier this week, pop star Justin Timberlake was arrested in Sag Harbor on suspicion of drunk drivi ...View More

Tell Us Something We DON'T Know: Report Reveals Wikipedia's Left-Wing Bias Links the Right to 'Fear'

Back in May, we told you about Wikipedia and its Orwellian editing of the article on the 'Appeal to  ...View More

Mollie Hemingway WRECKS Jennifer Rubin for Encouraging Biden to Campaign on Attacking SCOTUS

Supposed conservative WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin is one of the worst cases of Trump Derangement S ...View More

'Conservative' David French Predictably Denounces Having the Ten Commandments in Classrooms

Earlier this week, Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry signed into law a new requirement for the state's  ...View More

LOOK on Nicolle Wallace’s Face As She Experiences a Biden 'Cheap Fake' in Real-Time Is PRICELESS (Watch)

Someone really should tell Nicolle Wallace the 'cheap fakes' she's accusing the right-wing media of  ...View More

AP Didn't Mention Something in Story About 2 Men Accused of Killing 12-Year-Old Girl

Just about every day now brings with it horrible stories about crimes committed by people who crosse ...View More

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