November 20, 2023  

Mexican government forces freight lines to prioritize passenger rail

Mexico’s government issued a decree Monday that will force private freight railway lines to give pre ...View More

The Root Cause of the Insanity on College Campuses Is Older Than You May Think

Americans are finally catching on that the oppressor-oppressed narrative being taught in our sc ...View More

Dutch populist leader hit, injured by beer bottle 2 days before election

The leader of a far-right Dutch populist party was hit on the head with a beer bottle Monday in an a ...View More

‘When Her IQ Gets To 75, She Should Sell’: GOP Senator Delivers Brutal Assessment Of Kamala Harris

Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana ripped Vice President Kamala Harris Monday, saying the Ame ...View More

NY Times Reporter Says She Heard It’s a ‘Possibility’ Trump Could Choose Tucker Carlson as His VP

On Monday, a reporter with The New York Times alleged that she had heard rumors that former Presiden ...View More

Watch: Biden Compliments Girls’ Ears During ‘Friendsgiving’ Meal for Service Members: ‘They’re Really Cool’

On Sunday, President Joe Biden faced harsh criticism for repeating an allegedly false claim about a  ...View More

KJP Whips Out A Literal Food Menu To Claim This Thanksgiving Is Actually One Of The ‘Cheapest Ever’

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made an effort to claim that Thanksgiving in 2023 wil ...View More

The Life of Rosalynn Carter in Pictures 

Former first lady Rosalynn Carter died on Sunday at her home at 96 years old, the Carter Center anno ...View More

Dem Rep. Dan Goldman Calls For Trump To ‘Be Eliminated’ … Is That Incitement? (Video)

Rep Dan Goldman helped lead the charge in the anti-Trump impeachment trials. He is also running inte ...View More

What Iowa Voters Have to Say About 2024 Election

DES MOINES, IOWA—The United States could collapse if it can’t control the border, says Jay Hayward,  ...View More

Live Action’s Lila Rose slams ‘brutal reality of abortion’ in address to United Nations

Mon Nov 20, 2023 - 5:07 pm EST NEW YORK (LifeSiteNews) — The president of prominent pro-life  ...View More

‘Shot Dead’ movie tells heartbreaking stories of youth who died after COVID vaccination

Mon Nov 20, 2023 - 4:53 pm EST (LifeSiteNews) — A new movie detailing the tragic stories of y ...View More

'It's just malpractice': Democrats paint grim picture of the state, direction of Biden's re-election campaign

With less than a year to go before Election Day, Democrats are increasingly expressing concern over  ...View More

Federal Court Torpedoes Key Provisions Of Voting Rights Act

A federal appeals court ruled Monday that individuals cannot sue their state governments for violati ...View More

Encourage Debate, Don’t Stifle It Like the Left, Heritage President and Jordan Peterson Agree

Political and religious conservatives must not develop a hostility to “creative conflict” and s ...View More

'What gall': Soros-backed, 'anti-police' DA leaves fallen officer's funeral early following cold reception

A George Soros-funded, "anti-police" district attorney in Austin, Texas, left a fallen officer's fun ...View More

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